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Basketball Play - Defensive Zig Zags

Defensive Zig Zags

Jessica Davis 10/10/2018

Each player will start in the right or left corner. The players will proceed to get in a defensive stance slide out about 3 steps and change direction into a zig zag format until the player reaches the opposite baseline. Once each player gets to the opposite end of the court, the players can re-start the drill. See More

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Basketball Play - Box & Break

Box & Break

Randy Sherman 09/24/2018

"Box & Break" is a defensive rebounding drill at heart, but can also serves as a sudden change drill off turnovers and a conversion drill. The drill can be regressed to 3v1 or 3v0 or loaded to 3v3 on the break. Click here to check out all blog posts by Radius Athletics for FMS! See More

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Basketball Play - Boston College 4v4 Transition Drill

Boston College 4v4 Transition Drill

Michael Lynch 08/13/2018

The progression of drills is really effective in this Boston College "Fast Break Concepts" video created by Coach Chris Oliver of @BballImmersion. The 4v4 Transition Drill that begins at about the 7:00 mark was one that I thought was particularly useful. The Offense starts with a slight 4 v 2 advantage and seeks to make a pitch ahead pass for a score. Whether the offense misses or makes, the defense will then take the ball back up the court 4v4. More from Michael Lynch: Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offenses Keys to Designing a DDM Practice Plan See More

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Basketball Play - Maverick Shooting

Maverick Shooting

Jordan Petersen 07/27/2018

Drill to work on multiple game like shots from spots players will take them in games. Players will work on shooting 3's, pull-ups and side steps. Note: Dotted line represents a shot in these diagrams. On the FMS Blog: Ball Handling Skills and Drills Dynamic Drills That Utilize Cones Scoring Made Simple: 3 Shots to Practice Click for more #PlayerDevelopment content! See More

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Basketball Play - Player Development: Star Shooting

Player Development: Star Shooting

Tony Miller 07/24/2018

Make this shooting drill competitive by adding a timed element or a score element (or both). We will often do "Best out of 5." You could also do "Best out of 10" and have the player go through the 5 spots twice. The drill also serves as a great conditioning drill. It's best to use a rebounder. Click for more #PlayerDevelopmentWeek content! See More

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