Partner Passing Drill - FastModel Sports

Published 08/13/2018 by Michael Shaughnessy Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Great warm up drill to work on throwing crisp passes to a partner, as well as triple threat and change of direction dribbling moves.

See video below for drill being performed.

View: Mike Shaughnessy #FastModelTakeover - Twitter Moment

  • Basketball Play - Partner Passing Drill

- Player's 1 and 2 will start in space.

- Player 1 starts with the ball and attacks on an angle taking 1 dribble, make a change of direction move, take 1 more dribble after the move before passing to their partner (Player 2).

- Player 2 will catch and make a quick decision out of triple threat before repeating the same series.

- After players make the pass to their partner they are re-spacing back to where they originally started.


Teaching Points

- Players are working on making quick decisions off the catch getting into a rip through right away.

- When changing direction, players open up hips and shoulders to create a new driving line.

-Players are passing same foot-same hand to their partner (Right foot/hand, Left foot/hand).