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About This Play/Drill

"Box & Break" is a defensive rebounding drill at heart, but can also serves as a sudden change drill off turnovers and a conversion drill. The drill can be regressed to 3v1 or 3v0 or loaded to 3v3 on the break. 

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  • Basketball Play - Box & Break
  • Basketball Play - Box & Break
  • Basketball Play - Box & Break
  • Basketball Play - Box & Break
  • Defense and Rebounding

    PHASE 1. 3v3 defensive shifting (three-player shell drill). Offense move ball around forcing defense to execute defensive fundamentals. If/when ball is passed to coach (shooter) the offense goes to the glass and defense boxes out. Defense breaks full court (3v2) when they gain possession.


    NOTE: Reset on all made shots. Since this is primarily a box out drill, shooter can make a few shots to emphasize rebounding techniques when the offensive player goes to the glass. Shooter can move around the court as well.

  • Break Off Turnovers (Sudden Change)

    Phase 1A. If/when offense turns the ball over, the defense breaks full court. On loose balls, the defensive player first cuts off their opponent then goes for the ball.


    If/when the defense gains possession, they break 3v2 full court. Play continues 3v2 until offense scores or defense gets possession.

  • Filling the Lanes and Attacking

    PHASE 2. Push!! PINK1 pushes the ball on a hard dribble looking to advance with the pass. Wings get width and depth fast! Play continues 3v2 until the offense scores or the defense obtains ball possession.


    REGRESSION: The break can be 3v1 or even 3v0 to just emphasize pushing off the rebound and turnover and finding width and depth and converting.


    LOAD: The break can be 3v3

  • Repeats - Transition to Defense

    Phase 3. If/when the defense regains possession either after steal, DREB or FGM, they quickly make outlet to COACH who has moved into this side of play. COACH then passes ahead to either 1, 2 or 3. The three offensive players must sprint back and match up.


    REPEATS. Offense again moves the ball side to side forcing the defense to shift. If/when the defense deflects the pass and gains ball possession or rebounds a missed shot, they push the ball down 3v2 again.


    CONDITIONER. Drill is repeated several times before the defensive players (PINK TEAM) steps off. Rotate offense to defense to out of the drill.