Michigan War Rebounding Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Michigan Wolverines Women's Basketball Coach Kim Arico loves this 45-second continuity rebounding drill. Teams of two must keep rebounding and scoring until the horn goes off. 

  • Basketball Play - Michigan War Rebounding Drill

This drill starts with four players on the floor. 45 seconds will be put on the game clock. The coach will shoot the ball, each team will attempt to block out, and rebound the ball and score. This is continuous for 45 seconds and each time a team scores, it gets a point. If the ball hits the floor, the ball is removed and a new ball will be shot by the coach.
Teams rotate after 45 seconds so that all players participate. The team that has the most baskets after all teams have gone wins. There should be a rack of ball available for the shooting coach.