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The Cleveland Cavaliers are committed to inspiring future generations to grow the game of basketball. Its mission, showcased through some of the best athletes in the world, is to motivate the youth of Ohio and beyond to be active, make championship choices on and off the court, and build confidence in their athletic abilities through the game of basketball.

The Cavaliers Youth Hoops Program consists of Cavs Academy Camps and Clinics; Jr Cavs leagues and Cavs Elite Tournaments, all of which are designed to teach the fundamentals of basketball in a fun and positive atmosphere.

Cavs Youth Sports has teamed up with FastModel Sports to provide educational content and resources for the members of this program and youth basketball coaches and players all over.

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Basketball Play - Defensive Zig Zags

Defensive Zig Zags

Jessica Davis 10/10/2018

Each player will start in the right or left corner. The players will proceed to get in a defensive stance slide out about 3 steps and change direction into a zig zag format until the player reaches the opposite baseline. Once each player gets to the opposite end of the court, the players can re-start the drill. See More

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