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About This Play/Drill

The progression of drills is really effective in this Boston College "Fast Break Concepts" video created by Coach Chris Oliver of @BballImmersion. The 4v4 Transition Drill that begins at about the 7:00 mark was one that I thought was particularly useful. The Offense starts with a slight 4 v 2 advantage and seeks to make a pitch ahead pass for a score. Whether the offense misses or makes, the defense will then take the ball back up the court 4v4. 

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  • Basketball Play - Boston College 4v4 Transition Drill
  • Basketball Play - Boston College 4v4 Transition Drill
  • 4 v 2 Advantage Start:


    1. Black Team Attacks Looking to Pitch Ahead

    2. Yellow Retreats to Defend the Rim

    3. Trailers Fill in Appropriately.


  • 4 v 4 Run it Back:


    1. On a Make 4 Inbounds 1 is Outlet

    2. On a Miss either Make an Outlet Pass or Be Your Own Outlet
    3. Run it Back 4 v 4