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Plays and drills from UW-Parkside Men's Basketball Assistant Coach Keven Bradley.

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Keven Bradley joined the UW-Parkside men's basketball staff in the summer of 2013.

“Keven is an outstanding addition to our staff.  He is a high character, outgoing person who will connect well with the players, staff, and alumni at UW-Parkside,” said Ranger's head coach and 2013 Jack Bennett Man of the Year winner Luke Reigel.

“The experience he has obtained and the network he has built over the past four years as Upper Iowa's top assistant will be very valuable to our recruiting efforts moving forward.”

Bradley comes to UW-Parkside after serving in a similar capacity at Upper Iowa University. Bradley has been with the Peacocks for the past six seasons, spending his first two as a graduate assistant before serving as the program's top assistant for the last four years. He was responsible for scouting, recruiting, guard development, compliance, travel, film exchange and organizing summer camps at Upper Iowa while helping the squad post a program record 20 wins in 2012-2013, culminating in an appearance in the NCAA Division II Tournament.

“Keven not only understands the level of player that is needed to be successful at the Division II level but also the quality of person that we want in our program.  The blueprint Upper Iowa used to build its program is very similar to the one we use so I believe this will be a very smooth transition for everyone involved.”

Prior to arriving to Upper Iowa, Bradley was an assistant coach at his alma mater Lawrence University in Appleton, Wis., for one season.

As a collegian, Bradley played for Lawrence for two seasons, claiming All-Midwest Conference and Academic All-Midwest Conference accolades for a team that finished 25-1 and was ranked No. 1 in the nation in Division III for the last month of the season. Prior to Lawrence, he spent two seasons at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and was a member of the Pointer squad that won the 2003-04 Division III National Championship. The former Omro High School standout finished his collegiate career with a combined record of 98-16.

Bradley graduated from Lawrence with a degree in history with an emphasis in secondary education while earning a master's degree in education from Upper Iowa. 

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Basketball Play - BLOB - "Silver"

BLOB - "Silver"

Luke Riegel 03/27/2015

This is a quick screen-the-screen action designed to get you best shooter (2) an open shot on the perimeter. The 5 will UCLA screen for the 4; the 4 needs to read the screen; could have an opportunity to tight curl and get all the way to the rim. If 4 isn't open, he needs to space to the 3-point line and the 2 diagonal screens for 5 to the weak side of the rim, while the 4 finishes with a downscreen for the 2. The early UCLA screen by the 5 man to get the 4 man open, can be a mis-direction screen because you are trying to get a shot for your 2 man. See More

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Basketball Play - "Post"


Luke Riegel 03/27/2015

This set provide several opportunites to get your 5 man a post touch on each block. If you have a point-guard that is comfortable posting up, this set is a great opportunity to get him an early post touch on the block. After the initial UCLA screen by the 5 man, the point-guard tries to get a post touch, but if he can't, he immediately goes into another UCLA screen for the 5 to get him back on the block. If the 5 isn't open on the block, the ball gets reversed to the point guard. The 4 man immediately sets a ball screen for the point guard to help get the ball reversed to the other side of the floor. The 3 will sprint across the lane and set a cross-screen for the 5 man and another post up opportunity for him on the opposite block. The 4 man will finish the play with a down screen for the 3 to the top of the key. See More

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Basketball Play - Rip


Luke Riegel 12/24/2014

This quick mis-direction action can give you several options for scoring quickly. If you have a good shooting point-guard, the early flare screen will provide him with an opportunity for a quick 3 in the possession. If the defense takes away the early 3-point attempt by your point-guard, the 3 man quickly sets a cross-screen for your 5 man, who should get a post-up opportunity on the block. The play finishes with a down-screen by the 4 man to give the 3 man an opportunity for a 3-point attempt after he cross-screens. See More

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Basketball Play - Last Second BLOB - "Saints"

Last Second BLOB - "Saints"

Luke Riegel 11/05/2014

This quick and easy box set can be used during late game situations or at the end of shot clock situations. The play is designed to get 5 a lob or easy look at the rim with only a few seconds left on the clock. Depending how the set is defended, 2 may be wide open after he screens for 5. Immediately after 2 sets a solid screen, he needs to step to the open area and be the second option for the passer (1). See More

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Basketball Play - Box 2 - BLOB

Box 2 - BLOB

Luke Riegel 10/06/2014

This BLOB set provides an opportunity to get your best shooter (2) an open 3-pointer on the perimeter. The early action and movement by 3 and 1 tries to get the defense more concerned about their movement and forget about 2. A great "counter" option for this set is to occasionally pass it to 3 as he makes his Iverson cut. He will have an open side of the floor to attack. See More

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Basketball Play - "Pin" - 2-3 Zone Set

"Pin" - 2-3 Zone Set

Luke Riegel 10/01/2014

Quick zone set that you can run against a 2-3 look. Designed to get you best shooter, 2, open on the wing before the zone rotates. Also provides opportunities for players to flash and attack from the FT line area if the zone gets too concerned with the shooters on the perimeter. See More

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Basketball Play - Hammer


Luke Riegel 06/23/2014

This action is a great ATO option, especially if you have a good shooting 2 man and a 3 man that can beat his defender and attack off the bounce. The purpose of the action is to get the defense to overreact to the dribble penetration towards the baseline, while opening up 3-point shot opportunities for your guards (2 or 1) on the perimeter. See More

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Basketball Play - "Horns 2"

"Horns 2"

Luke Riegel 06/23/2014

This is a possible counter action to the traditional "Horns" double high ball screen action. The set is particularly effective if you have guards that are good at moving without the basketball and shooting while coming off screens. The floor spacing allows your guards to read how they are being guarded defensively and to take advantage of curl and fade cuts. See More

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Basketball Play - Dribble


Luke Riegel 04/22/2013

You can take advantage of the multiple scoring opportunities within this set and run it several possessions in a row and get different shots each time. The pinch-double is great early action for your best shooter and by running the Iverson screen for your point-guard, you get the ball back into the hands of your best ball handler prior to attacking off the ball screens. See More

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Basketball Play - Up


Luke Riegel 04/16/2013

This quick, early offense that you can run as a half-court set or within your secondary break. If your pg is a good athlete, you can take advantage of the lob to the rim. 5 needs to set a solid backscreen to make his defender help, which should make him late to help on the ball screen. 2 needs to be aggressive and look to attack X5 off the ball screen. If 2 can't get to the rim or have an open shot, penetrating and kicking to 1 in the corner is a likely possibility. See More

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Basketball Play - "Horns" - Ball Screen Slip

"Horns" - Ball Screen Slip

Luke Riegel 12/01/2012

This is a set that is effective if you have one or two good interior post players. The initial High/Low action is good early offense that you may be able to take advantage of before you even get to the ballscreen-slip. Then you have the opportunity to hit your 5 man slipping to the rim or hitting your 4 man spacing on the perimeter. You will have opportunities for high percentage shots regardless of which movement you take advantage of. See More

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Basketball Play - Florida - Continuity Offense

Florida - Continuity Offense

Luke Riegel 11/07/2012

This continuity offense provides an opportunity to get all 5 offensive players involved within the screening action. It also has provided us with a great "2nd offense" that is completely different than our offense that we run traditionally. If you have guards that like to post-up and bigs that can play on the perimeter, this continuity will be beneficial. See More

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Basketball Play - Low


Luke Riegel 11/06/2012

A quick hitting 2-3 zone set that puts pressure on the bottom wing of the zone to make a decision on who to guard. Your point-guard needs to be able to make the right decision and find the open man; either 5 on the block or 3 in the corner. Most of the time, X4 will try to go out and guard 3 on wing, leaving 5 open on the block. See More

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Basketball Play - 'Nova - Zone Set

'Nova - Zone Set

Luke Riegel 10/26/2012

This 2-3 zone set overloads one side of the floor and puts pressure on the top 2 guards in the defense. It's important for the PG to aggressively turn the corner on the ballscreen by 5 to put pressure on X1. Your best shooter (2) should be coming off a downscreen by 4 at the same time and should have an opportunity for a jump shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Sprint Iso Ball Screen

Sprint Iso Ball Screen

Luke Riegel 10/23/2012

This is a quick and easy set to run, yet it provides several scoring opportunities for the offense. If you have a talented PG that likes to play off ballscreens, this is a great set for him. The flare screen on the weak-side limits the defense's opportunity to help on the ballscreen and spaces the floor offensively. See More

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