"Horns" - Ball Screen Slip - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a set that is effective if you have one or two good interior post players. The initial High/Low action is good early offense that you may be able to take advantage of before you even get to the ballscreen-slip. Then you have the opportunity to hit your 5 man slipping to the rim or hitting your 4 man spacing on the perimeter. You will have opportunities for high percentage shots regardless of which movement you take advantage of. 

  • Basketball Play - "Horns" - Ball Screen Slip
  • Basketball Play - "Horns" - Ball Screen Slip
  • Basketball Play - "Horns" - Ball Screen Slip
  • 1 comes off high ballscreen by 4

    4 rolls to rim

    5 sprints high

    1 passes to 5

    5 looks High/Low for 4

  • 5 passes to 3

    5 sprints to ballscreen 3 but slips to rim

  • As soon as 5 slips, 4 follows with a ballscreen for 3

    4 ballscreens and spaces to 3-point line

    3 comes off ballscreen looking for 4 spacing, 4 can pass to 5 in post

    2 flare screens for 1 as 3 is penetrating towards them