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Basketball Play - 1-3-1 Zone Set Play

1-3-1 Zone Set Play

Dana Beszczynski 05/30/2015

John Beilein had a masterful game plan against the Syracuse 2-3 Zone and here is another example of moving players and the ball to get the best possible shot The Orangemen were consistently spread out by the passing of the Wolverines and had their fair share of open looks There were also many secondary options off the sets which created match-up problems for the vaunted Syracuse Zone Defense of Jim Boeheim See More

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Basketball Play - Post Flash with Cross Screen

Post Flash with Cross Screen

Basketball HQ 09/03/2014

This play depends on timing and a good cross screen. If it is a smaller guard coming off of the cross screen they need to finish the layup quickly or shot fake because the help side is going to be coming for the block. This post flash cross screen basketball play is a great play to get a shot right at the basket. If you have missed a couple of long shots and are struggling to score this is a good play to run. If you are running the cross screen for a wing then they need to either finish quickly or shot fake and draw the foul. Big men will be able to take their time on the finish. This play is from the 2005-2006 Duke season. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion


Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2013

The Nevada Wolfpack ran this Motion set in their game against the UCLA Bruins This is a well designed play with a lot of movement, post-up option, and the use of the Shuffle Cut The Wolfpack are a fairly young team this year, but are exciting to watch See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Back Screen / Stagger Action

UCLA Back Screen / Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/03/2013

This is the opening play run by the UCLA Bruins in their match-up against Nevada the ther night. Steve Alford is in his first season at the head of the storied UCLA program. Alford left New Mexico where he built a winning program and made the Lobos a yearly team for discussion come NCAA Tourmament time. This play is a well designed action run out of Transition as the flashing post takes away thte weak side help on the backdoor action which opens the play. The stagger screen is set-up by the down screen at the elbow for the PG. With a good screening action, the Bruins were able to get an open look at the three right at the outset of the game. See More

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Basketball Play - MSU BLOB Double


Dana Beszczynski 11/18/2013

This BLOB was run by MSU to get their PG Trice a shot off the inbounds action. What made this possible was the miscommunication between the two defenders guarding Harris & Trice. They got caught in a switch and Trice's defender got pinned behind the screen giving the inbounder a clear pass off the double screen to the shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - 4 High Series Marquette

4 High Series Marquette

Dana Beszczynski 11/15/2013

Marquette Head Coach Buzz Williams ran the 4 High Series and this is an easy to use set for all levels. There is a good over the top action to being freeing up the 2 man on the wing who can look to drive if the defense gets hung up in the screen. Second, they run a good UCLA action for the PG who cuts to the basket looking for a possible pass. You get a ball reversal and baseline screen for 1 who comes out looking for his shot or post entry to 5 sealing in. There is a Zipper action for the 3 man who cuts off 5 to the basket looking for a quick hit lob pass or direct lay-up. The play ends with a SPNR between 5 & 1 and the spacing is excellent coming off the screen as the shooters spot up on the wing and corner, 4 dives to the weak side block. A great all around set with multiple options! See More

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Basketball Play - Zip 54 Rub

Zip 54 Rub

Adam Spinella 11/07/2013

This play was run by the New Orleans Pelicans on their opening night against the Indiana Pacers. Zip 54 Rub is designed to get Anthony Davis an open wing jumper, using his athleticism and comfort on the perimeter to throw off his post defender. Most post defenders aren't used to going over handoffs or screens, and this pattern that Davis runs forces them to do so. See More

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Basketball Play - Elbow Weak

Elbow Weak

Kyle Gilreath 10/31/2013

The LA Lakers run this action after a timeout in their opening night game versus the LA Clippers last night. The timing of 1, 2, and 5 on this action was perfect as 5 slipped the screen at the exact time to allow him to get open. See More

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Basketball Play - Elbow 125

Elbow 125

Kyle Gilreath 10/18/2013

Phil Jackson ran this play during his latter years with the LA Lakers. The initial action gives you 2 quick options with 1 popping back and 2 getting screened out. If the defense takes away both options 1 should look to turn and set a second screen for 3. See More

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