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Basketball Play - Leicester Wolverines - Second Cutting

Leicester Wolverines - Second Cutting

Michael Lynch 06/21/2018

We think of "Second Cutting" as what we do when the ball has been driven and stopped. Our "First Cut" is our spacing on the drive, and then our "Second Cut" is our reaction if that drive is stopped. These are not predetermined cuts but ones made based on the decisions our own defender makes. These are two ways we drill this scenario in a Short-Sided Game setting. See video below for drill demonstration. From the FMS Blog: Program Spotlight - Leicester Wolverines Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offense Keys to Designing a DDM Practice Plan See More

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Basketball Play - Steph Curry Relocate Shooting Drill

Steph Curry Relocate Shooting Drill

Jordan Petersen 06/12/2018

Steph Curry is one of the best in the NBA at relocating after driving and dishing. He sprints out after the penetration to open space and this creates many open looks for himself. In this drill, players will work on spacing off of a drive as well as relocating to space after a drive. This can be done from multiple areas on the court (as shown), using 2-5 players, and using a Dr. Dish Shooting Machine. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Out Jump Stop & Kick

5 Out Jump Stop & Kick

Michael Shaughnessy 11/10/2017

All 4 players with the ball are driving. 2 bounces to the box coming to a jump stop on 2 feet. Players will pivot to where they are passing and snap the pass to the next person in line and rotate to the line they pass to. 5 in the corner will throw the drift pass being the only one that does not come to a jump stop (Stride Pass). See More

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Basketball Play - Around the Horn 3v3

Around the Horn 3v3

Michael Shaughnessy 11/10/2017

This is a great way to get into 3v3 as all 6 players move the ball around the horn before getting into live play. This forces the defense to sprint into closeouts, and the offense to reverse the ball quicker than the defense can get to its match up. 2 ways to play: - Offense scores, stay on O. - Defense has to get 3 stops in a row. See More

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Basketball Play - Jerry Sloan Utah Series

Jerry Sloan Utah Series

Timothy Hipps 11/06/2017

"Utah" is a package of four plays based on the 1-4 High Offense utilized by Jerry Sloan during the peak of his tenure with the Utah Jazz. The play begins with a pass and a UCLA cut, often followed by a ballscreen. Ball screens after a UCLA cut are extremely hard to cover as defenders are out of position. Take a look at the base "Utah" play in the video, and see the diagram for 3 other options to go to once a defense attempts adjustments. See More

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