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Basketball Play - 2-guard Box

2-guard Box

Rory Hamilton 08/01/2017

Box is our 3/4 court press break vs. any odd front zone press. We always want to have a sideline, middle and reversal option. Even though our box is a little distorted, we always have a sideline, middle, reversal and throw over option. If we cannot pass to our sideline or middle player we reverse the ball and our middle player flashes sideline and our sideline player flashes middle. Players can utilize the dribble to improve spacing and passing angles anytime vs. the zone press. On any pass to the middle, the guard immediately looks to attack and create an advantage. See More

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Basketball Play - 21/Pistol Flex Entry

21/Pistol Flex Entry

Dave Nedbalek 07/05/2017

This is a disguised entry into 21. Defense is about positioning so getting any defense out of the position they are familar guarding an action out of automatically begins putting them to the test. This is only the entry into the 21 offense. If you have not seen that yet I recommend checking out my diagram of it here I will be uploading a couple wrinkles from this because I think the misdirection to isolatin for the 5 man is reallly stinking good here with everyone perimeter weakside it really gives you some freedowm to exploit here. I will upload a version of how to get any position on your floor seamlessly into the post position for this action as a set but this itself is simply the Flex entry into 21. See More

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Basketball Play - Russia (W) - Middle P/R

Russia (W) - Middle P/R

Ryan Nguyen 06/17/2017

Russia ran this middle pick-&-roll action against Belgium in their second game at FIBA EuroBasket Women 2017. The slice (shuffle screen) and screen-the-screener action is decoy to force the defense to move before getting into a middle pick-&-roll attack. As soon as 1 catches the ball from 2 up top, 5 turns around and sprint immediately into a ball-screen. As 5 rolls to the basket 2 "shakes" behind to create a single-side bump. 1 has option of passing to 5 rolling or 2 lifting behind for shot. If X5 is late recovering, 5 rolls into a post-up and receives the post feed from 2 (off of the triangle passing from 1). Another option is to have 4 "short" the pick-&-roll if X5 hard hedges. See More

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Basketball Play - Saint Mary's - Elbow Flex Step Up

Saint Mary's - Elbow Flex Step Up

Matt Wheeler 03/19/2017

Saint Mary's used this play in their game against Arizona to isolate their 1 and 4 for a pick and roll situation. The Gaels start in an elbow set with 1 making an entry pass to 5. The flex screen by 1 and the down screen from 4 are all decoy actions so they can get 1 the ball back and he can create out of the step up ball screen. See More

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Basketball Play - VCU - BLOB "Buck 5"

VCU - BLOB "Buck 5"

Aseem Rastogi 03/17/2017

With 9 minutes left in the second half of their game with St. Mary's, VCU Coach Will Wade called "Buck 5" for a BLOB to score. This BLOB starts with a 4 low formation, but quickly morphs into flex offense with an option to hit the 5 man coming off a cross screen from the 1, and a downscreen for the 1 to score on an iso from the wing (what happened in this instance). See More

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Basketball Play - Celtics Pitch Flex Lob

Celtics Pitch Flex Lob

Adam Spinella 08/29/2016

Brad Stevens uses Isaiah Thomas as a screener frequently because of the extra attention the Celtics' top scorer receives. A common screen-the-screener action is the Flex set up, where Thomas would come off a down screen after setting the Flex. Instead, he sets a back screen here after the flex, with the rim unguarded on the flex overload for an easy alley oop opportunity. See More

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Basketball Play - Suns Pitch Flex

Suns Pitch Flex

Adam Spinella 08/29/2016

Flex is a very common action in all levels, high school to NBA. At the highest levels, if a team wants optimal posting position off a flex screen, they must disguise that a flex screen is coming by running false movement early in the set. Jeff Hornacek did this with the Suns, mixing it in with his pitch offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Wolves 23 Flex Clear

Wolves 23 Flex Clear

Adam Spinella 08/29/2016

With a player like Andrew Wiggins that can score inside and out, Wolves coach Sam Mitchell got creative last season with how he used Wiggins in flex situations. 23 Flex Clear is an action that can utilize Wiggins as a screener or as the post-up option in the wing. He either comes off a flex screen into a post isolation situation, or he can set a flex screen for another wing and then come off a down screen on the opposite side for a jump shot. See More

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