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Basketball Play - Stack


Justin Scanson 12/15/2016

This zone offense quick hitter is designed to create a quick overload situation putting the defense in a difficult position. It is hard for most zone defenses to have the bottom defender guard the opposite corner. This play requires that they do exactly that, otherwise give up an open 3 or 1 on 1postup on the block. See More

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Basketball Play - USA Chin Lob

USA Chin Lob

Justin Scanson 08/14/2016

Coach K and Team USA ran this set at the beginning of the second quarter vs France in the 2016 Olympic preliminary round. The key to this set is the quick ball movement and the spacing that 4 needs to get out of the DHO before receiving the backscreen from 5. See More

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Basketball Play - Patriot Chin Stagger

Patriot Chin Stagger

Justin Scanson 01/11/2016

This Princeton Chin set starts with a dribble handoff and quick reversal. As the guard comes of the backscreen, the 5 steps out for reversal. The guard who came off the backscreen then sets a screen for the 4. The 4 stops and 2 cuts back for a stagger screen set by 4 and 1. See More

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