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Prior to joining the FastModel team in September of 2014, Craig was a member of the Detroit Pistons coaching staff for 5 seasons. In his time with Detroit, he worked for the staffs of John Kuester, Lawrence Frank, Maurice Cheeks, and Stan Van Gundy. Craig was responsible for video scouting of all opponents, on-court player development work, and pre-draft workout scouting and preparation.


Before working in the NBA, Craig was a Volunteer Assistant and then a Graduate Assistant at Eastern Michigan University under head coach Charles Ramsey from 2006-2009.


Craig is a Michigan native and alumnus of the University of Michigan. He currently resides in Chicago, IL.

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Basketball Play - Rockets SOB ATO

Rockets SOB ATO

Craig LeVasseur 03/23/2016

Houston ran this play against the Clippers on 3-22-16 with 28 seconds left in the game. After the 2 circles under the basket and 1 clears to the near corner, the 5 sprints at the 3 as if he is setting a backscreen. This is fake action, though, as the 5 stops short and pivots into a downscreen for the 2 in the corner. The 3 is on his own to get open coming towards the ball, and in this case James Harden is able to break free from Russell Westbrook. He catches the ball with a head of steam and is immediately a threat to attack the basket. Meanwhile the 2 comes off of the downscreen, and Harden is able to throw a left hand hook pass to Jason Terry for the 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa - ATO Get It In

Iowa - ATO Get It In

Craig LeVasseur 03/18/2016

Iowa ran this play against the press with 11 seconds left against Temple and protecting a 2 point lead. It's hard to tell if Iowa anticipated that Temple would not guard the inbounder, or if this was an audible on the fly, but the result was a wide open inbounds pass for Iowa. See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa - Stagger Slip ATO

Iowa - Stagger Slip ATO

Craig LeVasseur 03/18/2016

Iowa ran this play after a timeout with 8:43 to play in the first half against Temple. It's a very simple play, but location and execution make it difficult to defend. 2 does a good job of setting up his defender away before running off a stagger screen by 4 and 5. This forces x5 to stunt against the shooter, and that split second of opportunity allows 5 to slip to the basket for a dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Temple - Stagger Elevator

Temple - Stagger Elevator

Craig LeVasseur 03/18/2016

Temple ran this set at 17:20 in the first half against Iowa. In contrast to the common Wheel action involving consecutive stagger screens, Temple switches things up and sets an elevator screen instead of a second stagger. I also like the first option of the play with 3 coming off a rip screen, giving him two different scoring options on the play. See More

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Basketball Play - UNCW - Loop Slip

UNCW - Loop Slip

Craig LeVasseur 03/17/2016

UNCW ran Loop action several times against Duke in the 1st half, and this was one play I particularly liked. After two runs off the stagger and receives the ball, 5 cross screens 4 into a side pick and roll. The 4 slips early to the corner for a look at a 3pt shot. This puts a lot of pressure on x4 defensively, but in this particular case, Duke's Ingram just had so much length that he was able to closeout in time to prevent the 3pt shot. See More

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