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Basketball Play - HUBIE DRILL


Fabian McKenzie 03/17/2015

This Drill starts with 5 players along the baseline. 4 and 5 will run wide lanes 2 and 3 will run inside lanes Players begin to sprint up the court. 1 passes to 2 2 passes to 3 3 passes to 4 4 passes to 5 for a layup There are no dribbles allowed to get the ball up the court and into the basket While it may look a little confusing it is really fluid. 1 always gets the rebound. 2 and 3 touch the baseline and change lanes 4 and 5 must touch baseline and change lanes The drill continues in the same pattern 1 passes to 2 2 passes to 3 3 passes to 4 4 passes to 5 for a layup Options: You can have another group ready to go and challenge the entire team to make a certain amount of layups withing a time frame. A missed layup or missed pass can reset the score to zero for a tougher challenge. We have also done this drill where we build it up from down and back to 2 or 3 times down and back. Another variation is if the players miss a layup they must continue until they get 2 layups in a row See More

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Basketball Play - Venom Closeouts

Venom Closeouts

Fabian McKenzie 01/30/2015

Coaches have a ball X1 and X2 step in to block and begin to stutter step Defensive players must closeout when coach slaps the ball Coaches pass to players on perimeter. 1 and 2 must be prepared to shoot 3 immediately. X1 and X2 must turn and sprint to challenge the 3 point shots. Offense gets a point for getting 3 point shot off and bonus point for a make Defense gets a point for stopping shot. Change defense to offense after a set number of shots or time. Variation: you could have defense have to guard 1 dribble before coach passes the ball. See More

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Basketball Play - Olympiacos Handoff

Olympiacos Handoff

Fabian McKenzie 01/13/2015

5 pops to catch pass from 1 1 passes to 5 and slowly cuts inside 2 begins to sprint out of corner 5 initiates a dribble handoff with 2 1 turns to prepare for screen 4 steps up to set ball screen 2 receives handoff and blasts off of ball screen set by 4 3 cuts up to wing to receive pass from 2 After 5 hands off to 2, 1 sets a diagonal screen sending 5 to the rim See More

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Basketball Play - 1 on 1 Cone Drill

1 on 1 Cone Drill

Fabian McKenzie 12/27/2014

Coach calls "GO" Players sprint toward cones Coach calls "LEFT" or "RIGHT" Players break around cones (touch baseline if you don't have or wish to use cones) to that side and outside player is on offense. In this example, coach calls "RIGHT" and 1 is on offense. Move cones to different spots on floor to change angles of attack See More

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