4 Lane Interchange - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a good drill for passing/catching, conditioning and communication

  • Basketball Play - 4 Lane Interchange

Player 1 and 4 will always stay in outside lanes and will sprint up the court.


Player 2 and 3 begin with basketballs

They will always run the inside lanes but will exchange after every pass


All 4 players start running at the same time

2 passes to 1

3 passes to 4


After the inside players make a pass, they always exchange the opposite inside lane. We want the players to make sharp cuts at all times


2 passes to 1 and cuts to opposite lane to receive a pass from 4. After 2 receives the pass they pass it back to 4 immediately and cut to opposite lane for pass from 1.


3 passed to 4 so they must cut to receive a pass from 1 then make a return pass. After passing to 1, 3 must cut back to opposite inside lane to receive a pass from 4.


This criss cross pattern continues down the court until the inside players get under the foul line.

When they receive a pass under the foul line they continue to basket to make a layup.


After 2 and 3 get their rebounds, they head back down the court using the same pattern.