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Basketball Play - Blind Hit

Blind Hit

Adam Spinella 07/18/2013

Blind Hit is a very quick backdoor option run by current UTEP and former USC Men's Basketball Coach Tim Floyd. Whether a defense is over-pressuring or caught napping, this is an effective backdoor option to get your guard a layup or dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Flare Slip

Flare Slip

Adam Spinella 07/17/2013

The San Antonio Spurs ran this play against the Minnesota Timberwolves three years ago in an end game situation. It was a simple yet effective play to get a layup, which worked because the defense had to respect Manu Ginobili coming off a flare screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Triple Flare

Zipper Triple Flare

Adam Spinella 07/16/2013

This year the Washington Wizards didn't have a successful win-loss percentage, but when their best lineup was in healthy, their offense was very potent. Coach Randy Wittman used the "Zipper Triple Flare" as an action to free up his shooters on the perimeter and give John Wall the ability to read the play both with and without the ball. See More

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Basketball Play - 98 Bulls Low

98 Bulls Low

Adam Spinella 07/15/2013

The 1998 Chicago Bulls ran this Baseline Out of Bounds play, particularly in the 1998 Playoffs against the Charlotte Hornets. The design was to get Pippen the ball on the block with shooters in Jordan and Kerr around him in the Triangle. Pippen is the first screener, then gets a screen set for him by Rodman in a "screen the screener" action. See More

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Basketball Play - 1-4 Euro

1-4 Euro

Adam Spinella 07/15/2013

This play out of a 1-4 High set is one of my favorite quick-hitting sets, particularly in the end of a game. It draws up a quick three-pointer for a stretch 4 and an opportunity for a slipped layup at the rim. It's simple enough to be run at a variety of levels, provided your team has a solid decision-maker and passer who can play the wing. See More

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Basketball Play - Trailer Flex

Trailer Flex

Adam Spinella 07/14/2013

This was a Secondary Offense set the Washington Wizards would run if they felt they had a mismatch in the post with Nene. John Wall would push Nene, the trailer, backdoor, which indicated to the rim runner that he should raise and set a ballscreen. See More

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Basketball Play - Rub Pop Dirk

Rub Pop Dirk

Adam Spinella 07/11/2013

This was a play run at one time by the Dallas Mavericks in their 2011 NBA Championship run. The plan was to get Dirk and Kidd in a ballscreen read situation where Dirk could isolate at one of two spots on the floor and have proper spacing around him. See More

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Basketball Play - Knicks Triple Flat

Knicks Triple Flat

Adam Spinella 07/11/2013

The Knicks ran this play in the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Pacers at the end of a quarter. The play was designed to get a J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony ballscreen in space. The play was probably designed for Carmelo to pop off the screen and isolate on the wing; instead Chandler was wide open at the rim and Melo hit him for an alley oop. See More

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