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Basketball Play - "X" Set Play

"X" Set Play

Scott Peterman 08/14/2012

Today's Man Set Play from Men's Basketball HoopScoop is a great post-up entry that was used by Kentucky in their run to the National Championship. This set play was one of their favorite set plays to get Anthony Davis or Darius Miller the ball in the paint. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Cut with Back Screen & Pin Down

UCLA Cut with Back Screen & Pin Down

Basketball HQ 09/21/2012

This play has two consecutive UCLA screens with a pin down screen on the opposite side. It is important that you set good screens and be a threat to score off of every screen. The more good screens you set the more the defense will become out of position. Set good legal screens and come off of each screen being a threat to score. Passer needs to be able to get the ball to the shooter right as he is coming off the screen if he is open. This play is from the 2007-2008 Chicago Bulls season. See More

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