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Basketball Play - NC State Wolfpack

NC State Wolfpack

Dana Beszczynski 11/16/2012

Brown makes the entry pass to Wood who has made a "V-Cut" to the wing Brown goes towards Howell for the UCLA screen and breaks off to the wing for a hand-off with Wood Wood gives the hand-off to Brown and then receives a screen from Howell Wood cuts over the top looking for a possible pass from Brown Leslie clears to the strong side block Howell sets the side PNR with Brown & rolls to the baseline Wood cuts down the middle of the lane and sets a cross screen for Leslie who curls the screen in this situation looking for a pass from Brown Leslie drew a foul on this play Coach Gottfried discussed this exact set during ESPN the Mag College Preview See More

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Basketball Play - Vegas Double--Three Point Special

Vegas Double--Three Point Special

Randy Brown 01/16/2013

This multi-purpose set can be run to end the half, game or to get an open three any time. 1 makes UCLA cut to the basket. 2 dribble to top and reverses ball to 4. 2 and 5 set double screen for 1 for shot as 3 fades to the left corner. If shot is not open, 1 hits 2 on the wing who dumps down into the post to 5. The secondary action will guarantee the ball will end up in the post for a score. See More

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Basketball Play - Back Screen with Side Ball Screen & Double Screen

Back Screen with Side Ball Screen & Double Screen

Basketball HQ 02/08/2013

This play is from the 2010-2011 Houston Rockets season. For this play your point guard has to be able to shoot off of a double screen or you can run your best shooter at the point for this play like the Rockets did with Kevin Martin. Your player has to read the defense on the back screen he can use a UCLA cut or a back cut depending on how the defense is playing him. Who ever you have coming off of the ball screen has to be able to handle the ball and make the decision to see the 4 man popping and the 1 man coming off of the double screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion LoGo

Motion LoGo

Kyle Gilreath 03/05/2013

The University of Florida ran this offensive set on Saturday afternoon in their victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide. Florida is not known for having very big point guards, but coach Billy Donovan does a terrific job teaching them skills all around the basket; especially in the post. In this play he sets up an off the block pick and roll with Scottie Wilbekin and Patrick Young. Some may think this play is easy to guard but with two knock down shooters in Murphy and Rosario on the perimeter, it is very difficult to help. See More

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