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Basketball Play - 45 Ballscreen

45 Ballscreen

Adam Spinella 10/02/2013

This ballscreen set was run last season by the Hawks with great success. Al Horford set great screens for Josh Smith at the elbows, and with Smith's rare ability to drive and dish from the forward position, the alley oop was so tough to stop. See More

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Basketball Play - Finland Post 78

Finland Post 78

Dana Beszczynski 10/02/2013

Henrik Dettman was serving his second stint as Team Finland Head Coach and his team beat Greece, Russia and Turkey at this year's European Championship in Slovenia. Finland ran this to isolate their naturalized American Lee in the post and with a play ending backscreen, if the defense looks to double, the man is open on the weak side for a wide open lay-up See More

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Basketball Play - 14 Quick

14 Quick

Kyle Gilreath 09/27/2013

The Miami Heat ran this quick hitter last season during the Playoffs to get Chris Bosh a shot off a misdirection. As Wade took one dribble past the pick from Lebron, he quickly turned and fired to Bosh who slipped in behind Haslem. See More

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Basketball Play - Elbow Quick

Elbow Quick

Kyle Gilreath 09/18/2013

During the 2009 NBA Finals, the LA Lakers run this quick elbow action versus the Orlando Magic for a quick score from Kobe Bryant. If the defense looks to over help on this action look to throwback to 5 (Gasol) rolling or throwback to 1 (Fisher) at the top of the key. See More

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Basketball Play - Flare 2

Flare 2

Dana Beszczynski 09/04/2013

The Louisville Cardinals do a good job using the flare screen in this set to get 2 an open look at the 3 pt shot. The set is run from a 2-3 set-up and uses good movement and screens to make the defense make decisions. Rick Pitino is excellent at designing plays to get his best players in their best spots to score. See More

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