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Trevor Daugherty currently serves as the Junior Varsity Basketball Coach at Bethany Christian High School in Goshen, IN. In his five seasons as a member of the Bruins coaching staff, Bethany has enjoyed three seasons as a top-20 defensive team in the state of Indiana. In addition to winning the 2009 Sectional Championship, Coach Daugherty has developed a strong individual workout program, which has helped send multiple players onto college programs. 
In addition, Coach Daugherty serves as a Counselor for Higher Level Sports Ministries, a Father/Son Basketball Camp not-for-profit in Indiana. 

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Basketball Play - Michigan Triangle Ball Screen

Michigan Triangle Ball Screen

Trevor Daugherty 04/07/2014

Michigan ran this triangle set often during NCAA Tournament, particularly early in games. The motion creates a lot of movement, and ends with the ball in your best player's hands. The ball screen typically involved Stauskas (2) and Morgan (5). Because of the attention Stauskas gets, it often resulted in an open lane for Morgan to slip, because of the spacing it is difficult for the defense to leave good shooters. See More

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