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Basketball Play - 22


John Leonzo 05/23/2013

Here is play that I saw Saint Louis run and I adapted it to work out of a box set. The few times that I saw SLU run this they always hit the first screener that slipped his screen. SLU ran this out of a 1-4 high formation and it can be adapted to work in that way as well. See More

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Basketball Play - Flood


Randy Brown 05/19/2013

This play offers three good looks to score. First option is 1 using the on ball screen to penetrate into the paint to scroe. Two, 3 gets open with screens from 2 and 5. On 3's catch, 5 continues across the lane to screen for 2 for quick shot. Additional action can be designed if 1 reverses to 4. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Triple - Flare - Cross

Triple - Flare - Cross

Randy Brown 05/19/2013

This is a two option play for a shooter and a posting 3. Starts in triple stack and dribble out to right wing by 1. Ball reversal to 5 signals a 4-2 flare screen. On the catch by 2, if no shot or bounce possible, 4 screens across for 3 to catch and score or post up and score. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Belarus 1-4 Post Curl

Belarus 1-4 Post Curl

Fabian McKenzie 04/23/2013

Play begins in a 1-4 High Set 1 enters to wing and runs rub cut off of 4 4 sets a cross screen for 5 as 2 dribbles towards top of floor 2 skips ball to 3 as 1 sets second screen for 5 5 curls around screens by 4 and 1 3 looks for 5 inside or to 1 coming off of downscreen by 4 If 3 hits 1, 2 sprints to corner and 4 sets ball screen See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State's 4 Cross Pin

Golden State's 4 Cross Pin

Mark Travis 03/16/2013

Despite their recent woes, the Golden State Warriors still rank as a top 10 offensive team in basketball, which is impressive given the amount of time they have spent without center Andrew Bogut this season. Bogut is a versatile offensive option that can score on the block and facilitate from the post or the elbow, which makes for some great offensive chemistry with David Lee, Golden State's other multi-skilled big man. The Warriors can also use Bogut as a way to create offense for their potent guards - Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Here is an example of the Warriors putting Bogut on the block and using weakside action, as well as Bogut's nifty passing touch, to get a good open look for Thompson at the free throw line. See More

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Basketball Play - Flare Power Need 3

Flare Power Need 3

Kyle Gilreath 03/04/2013

Last night after a fierce comeback against the Indian Pacers late in the 4th quarter, the Chicago Bulls' Tom Thibodeau drew up with Sideline Out of Bounds action to get a much needed 3 pointer to tie the game. Unfortunately for the Windy City team, the shot came up short. See More

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Basketball Play - Flood Action for 2 Man

Flood Action for 2 Man

Randy Brown 03/03/2013

Flood is a quick hitter that can produce a jump shot or quick post feed. Flood means that three players will get to one side of the floor; right side, in a quick manner. This will put 2 alone on left side so he can take advantage of 5's hard down screen. Timing and floor positioning are important. This play will yield a quick basket most of the time. Give it a try. See More

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