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Basketball Play - Dr. Dish - Hunt the Paint Drill

Dr. Dish - Hunt the Paint Drill

Aseem Rastogi 06/02/2016

Full court, full skill drill utilizing the Dr. Dish as the outlet passer. Use it to train ball handling, outlet pass positioning, moves on the move, finishing off two feet, and more. The goal of total makes should vary by level - girls' varsity team starts out with the goal of 70 in 5 mins in November, should be nearing 100 in January. See More

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Basketball Play - C2E Lateral Slide/Sprint/Slide..Grab/Dribble/Shoot Drill

C2E Lateral Slide/Sprint/Slide..Grab/Dribble/Shoot Drill

Rick Allison 12/31/2014

This is a drill for improving quickness and agility in defensive lateral acceleration/deceleration, in combination with sprint dribbling into a pullup jumpshot. It is intended to emphasize game speed movements while incorporating an anaerobic conditioning element. With the addition of one or two change of the direction components to the attack dribble sequence, game speed ball handling may be added to the work load. See More

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