Cougar Shooting Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Combination shooting drill that can be used everyday in practice.

  • Basketball Play - Cougar Shooting Drill

• #1 dribbles through the cones using various change of direction moves and attacks the basket

• After taking a shot, the player widens out to the corner and cuts hard off the cone simulating a cut off of a screen

• Coach passes the player the ball for a shot


Utilize various moves on the first and second legs of the drill:

• Regular lay-up

• Power finish

• Shot-fake finish

• Floaters

• Runners

• Reverse lay-up

• Jump shot

• Pull-up jump shot

• Step-back move

• Ginobili move

• Step-back counter move

• Inside hand finish

• Hips across lay-up

• Spin move

• Up and under move

• Etc.