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Basketball Play - Circle Movement Shooting Drill

Circle Movement Shooting Drill

Coach Czes 10/02/2012

We run this for 10 minutes with half of the team on each end of the court, starting on the right side. We do 1:30 shot fake and drive, 1:30 shot fake-escape dribble jumper, and 2:00 catch and shoot. Then we switch ENDS (they are now all on the left side of court) and work back down. 2:00 catch and shoot, 1:30 shot fake-escape dribble jumper, 1:30 shot fake and drive. We stress ball fakes before the pass, jump stop finishes, great closeouts, shot fakes, and covering ground with our dribble. We choose 2 different spots to start from each day to change the spots we shoot from and the passing and driving angles, but the drill stays the same. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC Close-Out 3on2, 2on1

3FTC Close-Out 3on2, 2on1

Greg White 09/28/2012

This is a great drill to instill in your players how and when transition offense begins: with a rebound. The drill starts with 2 offense players and 3 defenders. The Coach passes to an offensive player who either (1) shoots a 3 or (2) shot fake and drive. Multiple things can be worked on just at this point. Shooting under pressure, close out, help on basket drive and offensive players attacking off dribble. Once the defense is in control of the ball, the drill is 3 on 2 to the other end. Whichever player shoots the basketball comes back as the defender in a 2 on 1 scenario. The two remaining players "trail" the play and become the two offensive players with the next group. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC Chaos Offense Drill

3FTC Chaos Offense Drill

Greg White 09/17/2012

This drill will help instill Communication with your Offensive players. Get two groups of 5 on the same end and run your motion offense. Each group has a ball. You can't pass back to the player who passes to you. Do Not Allow a Shot.You can make it a competition to (1) first to 20 passes or (2) a set time. This drill forces your players to communicate while working on your offensive system. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC Team Loose Ball Training

3FTC Team Loose Ball Training

Greg White 08/27/2012

Every Coach will tell you the importance of winning 50/50 balls. Most of us spend some time on rebounding technique but when it comes to loose balls we just expect our players to just "want it more than they do." While effort is a major part, this drill allows you to teach how to get more of those balls. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC Pick and Pick Offense

3FTC Pick and Pick Offense

Greg White 08/27/2012

I started thinking about this offense this summer and really like the options and flow it has. I have run dribble drive in the past. Our program currently uses the Read & React so I took the spacing, Layer 1 and added some ball screen options and a little confusion for the defense. The offense gives you the spacing to attack the basket, while incorporating ball screens that force your opponents to find the best way to defend the ball screen. I've attached a breakdown drill we will use and will post more later. If this offense is something you think might help your team, please contact me at See More

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Basketball Play - Inferno Drill

Inferno Drill

Greg White 08/19/2012

One of my favorite drills is The Inferno. This is a great October 15th drill because it immediately raises the intensity level or shows the lack of it. What you'll need: 3 Passers 4 Offensive players 4 Defensive players 1 Ball 1 Box of band-aids (if it's a successful drill.) Players begin on the elbows and blocks. This drill is for 8 minutes. The team's roles will switch at the 4 minute mark. There are no substitutions for the 8 involved. When the ball is at the top, the offense down screens. When the ball is on the wing, players screen across. To keep the drill competitive, and it won't take much, use one of the following scoring systems: Each catch = 5 defensive pushups (5 keeps the speed going plus a good screening group will average 20 catches in 4 minutes) Each catch = 1 pt for elbow catch, 2pts for catch on the block. Keep track and at the end of 8 minutes losing team has a reminder drill. Each catch = live four on four. Offense gets whatever shot they score, Defense gets 2 for a stop, 3 for a charge, etc.. See More

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