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Basketball Play - Rebound, Flash, Score Drill

Rebound, Flash, Score Drill

Randy Brown 03/21/2013

Super combination drill that incorporates offensive seal, post moves, catching, playing through contact and passing. Many different options of the drill can be created by putting defenders on perimeter players to work on their passing skills. A time saver drill hat will help your practice be more productive. See More

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Basketball Play - High Post Dive & Weak Side Seal Drill

High Post Dive & Weak Side Seal Drill

Randy Brown 02/18/2013

If you run the High-Low motion offnese, this drill is manatory. It combines several key skills; cutting, passing, sealing, offensive post moves, shooting, and weak side sealing. The key element is to teach the high post player to dive to the rim and dominate the weakside when the ball is entered to his teammate. In anticipation of the shot, the opposite post positions himself in a weakside seal to guarantee the rebound on a miss. This is a very competitive drill that will help your half court offense immensely. See More

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Basketball Play - Double Skip Pass Drill

Double Skip Pass Drill

Randy Brown 02/11/2013

This drill will help you incorporate the skip pass into your zone offense for open threes or post shots. The idea is to shift the zone with the first skip pass, then skip back over the zone to the original side for an open shot. Using a good screening angle on the second skip your best shooter can prepare to knock down a big three point basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Second Defender Scoring Drill

Second Defender Scoring Drill

Randy Brown 02/08/2013

This drill is a "Turnover-Killer." The drill presents a combination of 1. getting open and catching, 2. facing the basket while ripping the ball through and jab stepping, 3. Driving around defender, 4. Making decision to shoot or drive by second defender, and finishing the play with a basket. It also creates toughness and ball security. You can also add a player at the basket with a pad to creat contact on the finish. See More

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Basketball Play - Sooner Drill

Sooner Drill

Fabian McKenzie 12/05/2012

This is a drill we have used in our warmup. We use different variations within the drill. Players line up at half court. Each player has a ball Pass to coach, cut hard to rim and receive a pass from coach. Take a traditional layup. We also use a two foot power layup. Variation - we add a blocking pad to simulate contact at the rim Players get their own rebound and must make 2 changes of direction on way back to half court. (Between legs, crossover, behind back, etc) They go back to the same line where they started. In this variation we make a reverse layup underneath the basket In this variation we have the players receive a pass just before the 3 point line. They must jump stop, shot fake and attack the elbow for a one dribble pull up jump shot. We prefer the players use a crossover step when they attack the middle Variation 1 - Have the players pull up for a 3 point shot. Variation 2 - After the shot fake, we have the players crossover and dribble to opposite side of rim for a little running hook shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Circle Movement Shooting Drill

Circle Movement Shooting Drill

Coach Czes 11/01/2012

We run this combination drill for 10 minutes with half of the team on each end of the court, starting on the right side. We do 1:30 shot fake and drive, 1:30 shot fake-escape dribble jumper, and 2:00 catch and shoot. Then we switch ENDS (they are now all on the left side of court) and work back down. 2:00 catch and shoot, 1:30 shot fake-escape dribble jumper, 1:30 shot fake and drive. We stress ball fakes before the pass, jump stop finishes, great closeouts, making great shot fakes, calling names out on passes, and covering ground with our dribble. See More

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