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About This Play/Drill

Here are two drills from my friend  Alan Stein (@AlanStein that make conditioning fun and productive. Check out the blog "Who Said Conditioning Can't Be Fun." at

  • Basketball Play - Stronger Team Conditioning Pack
  • Basketball Play - Stronger Team Conditioning Pack
  • Select one player as it. The other players have to stay in-bounds on half court.


    Have a player (1) be "IT" for a desired time [:15, :20, :30] or until he tags everyone. (Be cautious with this choice. You want productive, practical work)


    As soon as the time is up, immediately call out another player.


    Option: give players a ball to dribble.


    You'll see the benefit of 3:00-5:00 of Tag vs 5 triple-nickels.

  • On the start command, 1 backpedals toward the other FT Line. 2 backpedals from FT line to Baseline then Sprints to try and beat 1.


    Swith roles on the way back