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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Back Screen for Inbounder SLOB

Boston Celtics - Back Screen for Inbounder SLOB

Timothy Hipps 10/07/2018

The Boston Celtics ran 3 consecutive end of game SLOB plays with 18 seconds left in a game vs the Houston Rockets on 12/28/17. With a defensive foul and a few offensive fouls drawn, the Celtics were able to get 3 possessions late in the game. This is the 2nd SLOB they ran that only burned a little over 4 seconds. This is an excellent End Of Game set that gets a quick 2 when the defense may be set to better defend the 3. See video below! Boston Celtics - Punch SLOB Boston Celtics - Box Stagger/Iso Option SLOB Click for all Celtics sets on the PlayBank See More

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Basketball Play - 2017 NBA Playoffs

2017 NBA Playoffs

FastModel Sports 05/15/2017

To send the Playbook to your FastDraw, click the "Send to FastDraw" button above. After you enter the email address you use in FastDraw, click FastTrade, at the top of FastDraw, and open your FastTrade Manager. Find the new message, put a checkmark next to it, and click "Add to Library." The PDF of the playbook is available by clicking here See More

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Basketball Play - Clippers - Stagger Pistol (BLOB)

Clippers - Stagger Pistol (BLOB)

Doug Brotherton 04/16/2017

The "Pistol Action" has become very popular with teams at all levels. The LA Clippers ran this BLOB in Game 1 of their first round match-up against the Utah Jazz. It resulted in a wide open look. The play features multiple options. The double stagger flows into "Pistol Action." With a decision maker like Chris Paul, look for the Clippers to use this action in a variety of ways. See More

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Basketball Play - Xavier - Staggers

Xavier - Staggers

Timothy Hipps 03/17/2017

3 drift to the wing for the catch from 4's pin. 1 makes the pass and cuts through to the short corner as 5 pins for 2 and fills the opposite wing. The ball is swung around to 5. 4 sets a backscreen for 3 and then a stagger screen with 2 for 1. 1 catches and reverses to 2, who is flaring out from the stagger screen. See More

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