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Basketball Play - Oakland Grizzlies - Floppy Rip Grenade

Oakland Grizzlies - Floppy Rip Grenade

Rory Hamilton 03/24/2024

Play begins with Floppy action as 3 screens for 2 and then exits out weak side. The 2 comes off of 5's pindown screen. The 2 immediately curls the 5's screen and looks to set a rip screen for the 4. The 5 pops towards the 3pt line after the 2 curls to create a catch on the wing and looks to beam it to the 4 coming low off the screen. If the 4 is not open on the initial rip screen, he continues his cut to the short corner and looks to create a catch. On 4's catch the grenade action takes place: the 5 screens in for 2 and the 4 dribbles at the screen for a DHO and screen to create a 3pt shot for the 2. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan State Spartans - 1-4 STS

Michigan State Spartans - 1-4 STS

Rory Hamilton 03/21/2024

1-4 High alignment: Play starts with post player setting screen on the wing defender. The guard curls off the screen and fills to the corner. The post player then pops back for the entry pass. Once the post player catches, the opposite guard cuts high or low off the 5 players elbow screen. The point guard spaces away. The 5 player pops to the top of the key for ball reversal and quickly reverses the basketball to the wing. Screen the screener action for lay-up or shot at the top of the key. If the guard does not shoot the top of the key shot then post re-screens and gets right into roll/replace action. If the high-low is not there then the ball is reversed and then guard and post stagger away for a shooter. This play has been a Tom Izzo staple over the last 15 years. See More

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