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Basketball Play - Cleveland Cavaliers - Iverson Backdoor Counter

Cleveland Cavaliers - Iverson Backdoor Counter

Ryan Nguyen 11/06/2016

Counter to the "Iverson Backdoor" action the Cleveland Cavaliers run for JR Smith when the backdoor cut to the basket is prevented. When the back cut is denied, the Cavs look inside for a post-up for Kevin Love. The video highlights when the Cavaliers run the backdoor play successfully for JR Smith in the first clip and the second clip shows the counter action. See More

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Basketball Play - Evansville Purple Aces

Evansville Purple Aces

Dana Beszczynski 02/29/2016

The Evansville Purple Aces play in the one of the most competitive Conferences in America the Missouri Valley Conference. Marty Simmons is the true greats in program history as a Purple Aces player and he now enters his 9th season at the helm of the program. In 2015, Simmons coached the Aces to a record of 24-12 and the CIT Championship. This Box Set has a little bit of everything in it and can be used to get a post-up for a strong 3 man, free up a shooter off the double stagger action, and also be used to get a FT line jumper or Hi / Lo. See More

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Basketball Play - YSU Cycle for 3

YSU Cycle for 3

Kevin Bruinsma 01/30/2015

Down 3 last night at Detroit we diagramed this play in a timeout to free up our best 3 point shooter while giving our PG the chance to drive it 1 on 1 with the entire side of the floor cleared for him. It forced Detroit to overhelp, and led to a wide open 3-pointer which we hit to send the game into overtime. The 5 sprinting up and acting like he was going to set a screen before he set the second screen of the stagger was a great touch as Detroit "Downs" ball screens. The stagger was successful and our 2 was able to drive it to force Detroit to help even more before kicking it out. The extra passes led to a wide open jumper. See More

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Basketball Play - Box 2 - BLOB

Box 2 - BLOB

Luke Riegel 10/06/2014

This BLOB set provides an opportunity to get your best shooter (2) an open 3-pointer on the perimeter. The early action and movement by 3 and 1 tries to get the defense more concerned about their movement and forget about 2. A great "counter" option for this set is to occasionally pass it to 3 as he makes his Iverson cut. He will have an open side of the floor to attack. See More

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Basketball Play - Brose Baskets Bamberg Late Game SLOB

Brose Baskets Bamberg Late Game SLOB

Dana Beszczynski 11/04/2013

This is the winning shot hit last night by Casey Jacobsen for the Brosebaskets Bamberg of Germany in their Euroleague match-up against Anadolu Efes Istanbul from Turkey. With the victory, Bamberg improves to 2-1 in their group. Jacobsen left the Stanford Cardinals in 2002 and played 3 years with the Phoenix Suns in the NBA. He had a short stint with the New Orleans Hornets before going overseas to play with Baskonia Vittoria.of Spain. From there he went to play with Bamberg leading them to the 2007 German Bundesliga Title. He spent one season with Bamberg before returning stateside to play with the Memphis Grizzlies before returning overseas to Germany to play with storied club Alba Berlin. Since 2009, Jacobsen has been back with the Brosebaskets Bamberg leading them to 4 Titles. Head Coach Chris Fleming is a graduate of the University of Richmond and has success at every stop he's been at in Germany as a Head Coach. This is a well designed play especially with the screen on the inbounder enabling the penetration and kick action. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Box Lob

Miami Box Lob

Al Baker 08/28/2013

The Miami Heat ran this play in the 2012 playoffs to get a lob for Dwyane Wade. The lob action has also been successful for us, but once teams have the play scouted, we've been able to take advantage by inbounding to the screener and setting up a handoff or a down screen option. It is critical that 3 sells the initial zipper cut, as most teams will deny this pass and this will force the defender into a position where he's easier to screen coming back to the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Pacer Late Clock SLOB

Pacer Late Clock SLOB

Kevin Bruinsma 06/18/2013

Although this set didn't result in a basket or even free throws it forced a great defensive effort from the Miami Heat to stop the Pacers from scoring. This action puts a lot of pressure on the defense as they have to guard a mis direction cut by the 2, then the stagger iverson action for #24 Paul George who everyone thinks the play is going to, a flare screen for #21 David West, and then finally a slip/dive to the rim by #55 Roy Hibbert. This set had some fantastic actions. See More

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