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Basketball Play - OHSBCA Clinic 2016

OHSBCA Clinic 2016

FastModel Sports 09/01/2016

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Basketball Play - Dribble Drive Motion - Creating a Split & Decision Making Work

Dribble Drive Motion - Creating a Split & Decision Making Work

Gerard Hillier 06/10/2016

Here are some basic drills we have found extremely valuable during the "implementing Dribble Drive" phase, which we also use on a daily/weekly basis. The importance of being able to create a "split" (where two defenders commit to the ball carrier) is pararmount within our DDM system, and just as important is the ability to find the open player (from where the 2nd defender came from) for a high percentage & open scoring option. Our "Decision Making" breakdown work is by far the most important part of our practice plan when it comes to our offensive system, very rarely will we conduct 5on5 for great periods of time (no more than 20mins per practice), rather we choose to place as much time in to 2on1, 2on2, 3on2, & 3on3 situational decision making as possible within our practice plan. We have found this approach to be very successful, creating an enviroment where players are making high percentage decisions/reads on a regular basis. There is a reasonable amount of "ugly basketball" when we first implement the DDM system, and we encourage our coaches to try and let the players "organically grow" within the system and make their own decisions/reads, though this is often easier said than done, try and "guide" the players decision making rather than making the decision for them. We encourage questions like "what was your thought process on that decision" & "what did you see that triggered that decision" See More

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Basketball Play - 3 Line Lay-ups

3 Line Lay-ups

Wes Kosel 10/22/2015

This drill was used at Texas Lutheran when I was there and was a great drill to encourage focus, timing, and teamwork. The goal was to make as many shots as possible and to move the ball quickly and efficiently. To start out the season, the goal for makes was 50 in 3 minutes on the right side and 50 in 3 minutes on the left. This would increase as the season went on. See More

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Basketball Play - KU


Rory Hamilton 08/07/2015

I saw Bill Self run this a few years ago against a triangle and two and it has been in my playbook ever since. It has the same concepts as "3-low" from my previous post on attacking a box and 1 . The initial set up is a double stack low with one perimeter player being guarded man to man with the ball, and the other man to man player on the right block. Post players are positioned at both blocks and other guard not being played man to man on the left block. The play is initiated by a double screen low for the unguarded guard to go baseline and look to receive a pass for a shot. After screening the guarded player then clears out to the weak side elbow area. The ball side post player immediately screens the weak side zone defender for a baseline bounce pass while the screener flashes back to middle of the zone. The point guard then screens away for the other guarded player or they can cut through and exchange. On ball reversal, the guard comes off two baseline screens and looks to receive a pass along the baseline and the strong side post screens away and flashes back to the middle and the continuity continues. See More

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Basketball Play - VCU Ball Screen

VCU Ball Screen

Andrew Greer 03/19/2015

VCU used this ball screen action late in their loss to Ohio State in Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament. VCU got the look they were looking for with 3 shooters spread around the perimeter but due to a bad pass and off balance shot they did not score. VCU gave Ohio State trouble the entire game using similar actions to get their guards paint touches. See More

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