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Basketball Play - One More Shooting Drill

One More Shooting Drill

Tony Miller 10/13/2021

Watch the video below as Coach Tony Miller uses FastDraw, the #1 play diagramming program for basketball coaches, to explain this competitive shooting drill. Run with 4 or 5 perimeter spots depending on your offensive style/personnel. Great to use as a practice finisher with two competing teams. Count the number of makes in a specified time or to a certain number. Send this drill to FastDraw using the button above. Get FastDraw (new subscribers use code: SAVE10) Follow Coach Miller on Twitter View Coach Miller's Playbank page for more plays & drills More FastDraw content from Coach Miller: SSGs for Player Development & Team Offense SSGs for Ball Screen Offense Brad Stevens Playbook Check out the latest coaching content from FMS See More

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Basketball Play - Team Shooting Drill 01

Team Shooting Drill 01

Antonios Kourmoulis 05/18/2021

Team shooting drill 01. The drill can be performed at both half courts by dividing the team. 2 players at corners and 1 player at 45. The rest team at middle line with balls. The players at middle line pass the ball at 45 and go to opposite 45. The player at 45 will sweep attack the baseline and pass to opposite corner for a catch and shoot and replace. The player at corner shoots, gets own rebound and goes to middle line. The drill can be performed at a specific time or score to make it competitive. Check out the current deals on FastDraw below! See More

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Basketball Play - Euro Ball Screen Shooting

Euro Ball Screen Shooting

Zachary Weir 01/09/2020

Ball Screen Shooting drill to get shooting, and passing reps using the actions in a euro ball screen continuity offense or side ball screens. Several different actions and progressions can be implemented into the drill. This is a great drill to set a time and have teams compete as well as get some conditioning. See More

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Basketball Play - Warrior Shooting Drill: Guards

Warrior Shooting Drill: Guards

Irvin Jerry 06/13/2019

This is a continuous shooting drill that allows our players to work on shots off screens and adds a conditioning element. Once completed on the right side immediately start on left. We like to have each player go through this drill two times then switch shooter. You can add time to increase intensity. See More

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Basketball Play - Stagger Shooting (Phase A)

Stagger Shooting (Phase A)

Randy Sherman 05/02/2019

This Phase A Stagger Shooting drill can serve as a breakdown drill for Motion Strong. In Phase A drills the focus is on introduction and examination of technique. In this drill we are working on techniques such as setting up the screen, the footwork into the catch and shooting mechanics. There is a Dr Dish option in the catch-and-shoot phase of this drill as well. The goal is to progress to other phases of drilling which offer decisions for the offensive player as soon as possible. "Get to Game Like" Check out our Motion Strong Playbook for a complete look at the offense. Video Playbook: Staggered Screens See More

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Basketball Play - Extra Pass Shooting

Extra Pass Shooting

Zachary Weir 02/28/2019

Extra Pass Shooting is a drill that we use to develop chemistry within our team and really encourage that extra pass and better shot. Consists of shooting, passing, ball handling and rebounding - as well as progressions of decision making and reads. Setup: - 6 minute drill (3 min left, 3 min right) - 1 min per spot - Goal is 10- 12 per minute - Ball doesn't touch the floor anymore than necessary - Passer calls shooters name and the action - 2nd passer will call for ball, and shooter will call EXTRA Playbook: Top 20 Shooting Drills of 2018 See More

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