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Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Lutheran Westland High School Contributor since 09/19/17

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Dymetrius Ware is going into his 37th years of coaching, As the Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Lutheran Westland High School,In Westland,Mi. Coach Ware has coached at multiple levels, and is passionate about using the game of basketball to teach life lessons off the court just as much as on it. He also enjoys helping young coaches improve their coaching skills and team management skills.

Dymetrius has been a Head Coach at the NIAA and JUCO, levels, The University of Michigan-Dearborn and Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills, Mi. Coach Ware served as the third assistant coach for CBA's Great Lake Storms in the team's final season. He also serves as a coaching mentor with Basketball Coaches Association Of Michigan, Which he is an active member of.

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Basketball Play - 5 Minute Competitive Shooting Drill

5 Minute Competitive Shooting Drill

Dymetrius Ware 08/16/2022

1 starts at coaches box/sideline and sprints into a wing 18 foot jump shot.... 1 backpedals three times and sprints into a corner 3-pointer. 1 sprints through the key to opposite corner back up to the coaches box/sideline and turns and sprints for an 18-footer from the wing. 1 backpedals three times and then sprints for a corner 3 Repeat this pattern until players has shot 16 shots . To make it competitive put a time limit on it and number of makes as a goal. See More

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