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Basketball Play - Bulls Stagger Choice

Bulls Stagger Choice

Wes Kosel 04/21/2015

Here are two stagger screen options from the Chicago Bulls. To intitiate the play, 1 dribbles left sending 3 across the floor. 3 loops around a staggered screen from 2 and 4 at the right elbow. The first look by 1 is to pass to 3 at the rim. In option 1, 3 cuts back to the right wing off of the staggered screen from 4 and 2. In option 2, 3 cuts off of a down-screen from 5 while 4 sets a flare-screen for 2. See More

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Basketball Play - Clipper Horns Down-Wheel

Clipper Horns Down-Wheel

Wes Kosel 04/20/2015

In this horns option, 1 dribbles from left to right off of a staggered ball-screen from 5 and 4. As 1 is moving to the right, 2 moves up to the wing and 3 to the ball-side low post. Once 1 gets into the middle of the floor, 5 sets a flare-screen for 4 and 2 sets a down-screen for 3. 1 makes the pass to either 3 or 4 for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Hurricanes Horns Hi/Lo Options

Miami Hurricanes Horns Hi/Lo Options

Wes Kosel 03/29/2015

Here are two hi/lo options out of the horns set from Miami. Miami is playing well in the NIT with a chance to advance to the finals with a win over Temple. In these options, the Hurricanes use a horns staggered screen with the point guard dribbling from left to right. In the first option, 4 rolls and 5 sets a pin down for 3 in the corner. Once 3 gets the ball he looks to pass inside to 5 or to 4 flashing high post for a hi/lo look. In the second option, 4 sets a flare-screen for 5 before cutting to the block. If 5 isn't open on the screen, he sets a screen for 3 who gets the ball at the top of the key. 3 again looks at 5 or to 4 flashing high. See More

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Basketball Play - UAB Blazer Box

UAB Blazer Box

Wes Kosel 03/19/2015

At the 5:40 mark in the first half, UAB ran this box set play. The Blazers were very patient and worked through multiple options before getting an open shot on the dribble hand-off at the end of the play. UAB missed the shot but got an offensive rebound. Slowing the game down and working through offensive options looks to be a good strategy for Coach Haase. This slows down Iowa State and can get the Cyclones into foul trouble if they are lazy on defense. See More

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Basketball Play - Dayton Screen the Screener

Dayton Screen the Screener

Justin Scanson 03/19/2015

Dayton vs. Boise State 3/18/15 Shortly after the first media timeout, Dayton ran this screen the screener set vs. Boise State. (14:20 mark of the first half). The play got Darrell Davis a wide open look because he set a great screen for the 4 diving to the block and his defense stayed to help. This set should work with most personnel. See More

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Basketball Play - Waggle


Greg White 02/20/2015

4 screens down for 2. 2 rejects and comes off a waggle cut off 5's screen. 3 uses the pindown screen set by 4 5 "flips" the screen to set up a baseline attack for 2. 1 gets a flare screen from 3 and 4 sets a screen for 3 in the screen the screener action See More

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Basketball Play - Detroit's Wing Iso

Detroit's Wing Iso

Kevin Bruinsma 01/28/2015

A play 100% designed to isolate your more athletic or stronger 4 man on the side of the floor. Detroit utilizes #2 Juwan Howard Jr. in multiple ways but he's at his best when he can play 1 on 1 basketball. Detroit isn't a team that runs a ton of offense but they push it hard in transition and attempt to create mis-matches thru blowing the ball up the floor. After transition their best offense is finding different ways to isolate players on the floor, in this case #2 Howard. He gets the switch in the ball screen and then all of the help on the back side is guards. With his strength & quickness he can power it up over smaller defenders. See More

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Basketball Play - IOWA STATE 2-3 ZONE BLOB


Jens Hakanowitz 01/25/2015

The Cyclones run this BLOB play vs 2-3 zone defenses. A typical overload play to get the ball inside. As you can see in frame 2, X5 is forced to step up to the high post to guard the ball. X4 is left on his own guarding two players (5 & 2) at the same time. One of them will be open to recieve a pass. See More

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Basketball Play - BUCKS - CORNER INBOUND


Jens Hakanowitz 01/05/2015

Inbounding the ball from the deep corner wasn't a handicap for Jason Kidds Bucks on January 4th 2015. They turned the inbounder spot into a useful advantage. With 9 seconds on the shot clock, Milwaukee was looking to get 3 point opportunity for Khris Middleton (40% career 3point shooter). See More

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Basketball Play - UCONN 1-4 Set

UCONN 1-4 Set

Dana Beszczynski 03/16/2014

Kevin Ollie may be a young Coach, but his tactical skills are outstanding. Bringing a wealth of experience with him from his playing days both at UCONN and in the NBA, the Huskies sets are well designed with lots of movement and screening actions. This 1-4 set play has three scoring options and is predicated on the ability of the players to "read" the defense. Kevin Ollie is buidling the Huskies back into a contender again after the masterful job Jim Calhoun did in his tenure at the Connecticut school. See More

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