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Dr. Dish is a new breed of shooting machine that gives coaches training intelligence to win more games!

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Basketball Play - Lift Shooting

Lift Shooting

Dr Dish 03/21/2017

Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it again with another great Skill Builder workout! In this workout, we will focus on our corner lift shooting and also pair that with some 2-ball dribbling and also agility drills as well. This workout is great because you will really challenge yourself conditioning wise and also challenge yourself in several different skill categories. See More

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Basketball Play - Post Workout

Post Workout

Dr Dish 04/13/2016

This Dr. Dish shooting drill is designed to get your post players a tremendous amount of quality reps from the low block. Drill is designed for each post player to work on their best low post move and counter to that move. See More

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