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Coach Jamie O'Loughlin is an Australian coach with over 30 years experience from grass roots to professional level.
He began in 1989 coaching with a local club and soon after began working in Basketball Development for the Geelong Associations and the region's schools. In 1996 moved to the UK and continued the coaching journey with Reading Rockets.
After returning to Australia in 1999, O'Loughlin began the journey into the high performance pathway with Basketball Victoria and Basketball Australia, working largely with the U16 to U20 game bracket.
In 2006 he began coaching senior level semi-professionally with the Geelong Supercats (now NBL1) and also working in the school system with Christian College Geelong (a K-12 school).
In 2009, Coach O'Loughlin joined the Junior National Team staff and coached at two U17 World Championships and two World University games.
During that period moved to the Australian professional league (NBL) spending three years with the Perth Wildcats and four years with the Cairns Taipans.
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Basketball Play - Perry Lakes Hawks - 3 Out Shallow High/Low

Perry Lakes Hawks - 3 Out Shallow High/Low

Jamie O'Loughlin 05/16/2023

Head Coach Matt Parsons opening game through his big who has a mis-match in the post. 3 Out spacing and using a dribble entry/shallow cut to shift the defence. Once on the wing the 4 man flashes and the wing fakes a pass to the top to leave the 4 man 1 v 1. The 5 man works for a duckin or low seal for easy opportunity. In this instance he is worked out of the lane but he is isolated in the post and can attack his man. See More

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