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Justin Lewis is the Head Girls Basketball coach at Houston High School in Memphis, TN. He is entering his second season as a head coach, and has been coaching all together for six years. Coach Lewis spent three years as a student manager at Blue Mountain College and has covered the NBA as a writer for sevent years at SBNation and
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Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies - Hammer

Memphis Grizzlies - Hammer

Justin Lewis 03/28/2024

The Memphis Grizzlies opened their 3/27 contest against the Lakers with this set. While Bane did not take the shot in the corner, this action created an early look at a three for their best shooter. The empty corner drive for the point guard plus the cut out of the corner by the wing makes the defense think about help on the very first possession of the game. See More

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Basketball Play - Away Continuous

Away Continuous

Justin Lewis 03/05/2024

I developed this set in an attempt to take advantage of a team that switched all screens. It creates size advantages on the blocks when guards switch on to posts. The constant screening can create communication breakdowns by the defense. Good players will be able to slip screens and back cut, taking advantage of the constant switches. See More

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Basketball Play - Twist BLOB vs 2-3 Zone

Twist BLOB vs 2-3 Zone

Justin Lewis 12/23/2023

This play was developed to take advantage of 2-3 zones that sought to take away the middle on inbounds. I saw a team on film that dropped a top defender down to help defend the basket and saw an opportunity for two easy screens to create two open shots. Zones tend to struggle guarding the weak side corner and the weak side block at the same time. See More

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Basketball Play - Wall STS BLOB


Justin Lewis 09/12/2023

This is the first BLOB play I learned while coaching middle school basketball. I have carried it to the varsity level and get at least a bucket per contest off it. This play is designed to draw attention to shooters running off screens, then a screen the screener action followed by a dive. Should always create an open shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Offset Box BLOB

Offset Box BLOB

Justin Lewis 08/22/2023

This BLOB is designed to score off the inbound pass. It presents two separate options for a lay-up and a three. I run this at the high school level and score off it 60% of the time. The 5 typically is wide open after all the screening action takes place. See More

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