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Basketball Play - Suns Horns Stagger

Suns Horns Stagger

Adam Spinella 12/08/2014

Horns formation. Dragic (1) hits Morris (4) at the elbow and cuts opposite. While Dragic (1) and Plumlee (5) set the stagger away, Morris (4) engages in a dribble handoff with Green (3). As Green (3) rises on the wing with the ball, Bledsoe (2) comes off the stagger and gets the pass. See More

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Basketball Play - 35 Snug

35 Snug

Adam Spinella 12/04/2014

Dave Joerger used this play to utilize Tayshaun Prince well. Prince is a good ball-handler for a forward but lacks an outside shot; using him in the pinch post helped him find production on the court. The Grizzlies would run the play on this side of the floor almost exclusively so that Prince could dribble towards the dribble with his strong hand (his left hand). See More

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Basketball Play - Suns Spread PNP

Suns Spread PNP

Adam Spinella 12/04/2014

Dragic (1) dribbles towards Bledsoe (2), pushing him backdoor behind Frye (5). Morris (4) pops out from the elbow to the wing. Bledsoe (2) fills corner, pushing Green (3) up on the wing. Middle Pick-and-Pop with Dragic (1) and Frye (5). The rim should be unprotected or a shooter will be open on the perimeter See More

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Basketball Play - Wing Loop Elevator

Wing Loop Elevator

Adam Spinella 01/06/2014

This elevator play is designed for a shooter to come off a misdirection cut back up the lane line to where he came from thru an elevator. What makes it so seductive for the shooter is that the elevator wasn't there when he made his original cut, so when he retraces his steps and comes thru the elevator, the defender will be blindsided by it. See More

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Basketball Play - Re-Zip Thru Pop

Re-Zip Thru Pop

Adam Spinella 11/26/2013

Monty Williams runs this play for the New Orleans Pelicans to get Ryan Anderson a good three point attempt by rubbing his defender off him with a decoy action. On the wheel route run by Gordon off of Anderson, Anderson's defender is forced to sag off and let Gordon's defender thru, thus giving Anderson the perfect lane to pop back to the three point arc. See More

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