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Basketball Play - Army


Rory Hamilton 06/25/2023

Initial Set-up: 3 out 2 in with posts at the blocks and guards on the wings. Play is initiated with a pass either wing, but often times it works best when you go away from your best jumping guard. On the pass to the wing, the weak side post (4) flashes to top of the key for the catch. The (1) and (3) space away to wing and corner. The (2) takes a couple of dribbles to shorten the pass to the (4) On the catch by the (4), the (5) sets a flare screen for the (2) and looks to slip the screen to the high post FT line. On the catch the 5 immediate looks to shoot, lob at the rim for the (3) or the (1) spacing away for the 3pt shot. See More

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