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Basketball Play - 1 on 4 Alley Drill

1 on 4 Alley Drill

Kyle Gilreath 11/22/2013

This is a great drill I got from Florida State Assistant Stan Jones at a clinic he spoke at in the Fall. Many times when you do 1-on-1 alley drills with your team the defensive player becomes not as energetic half-way through the drill. This drill takes that factor out and makes the ball-handler beat four fresh defensive players in order to score. Once 1 and X4 finish the drill continues with a X1 becoming the new offensive player and X2 becomes the first defender in line; X3 becomes the new X2, X4 becomes the new X3, and the previous offensive player is now X4. See More

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Basketball Play - Webster Groves Paint Game

Webster Groves Paint Game

Drew Hanlen 11/06/2013

This is a great competitive drill that works on defensive closeouts, catching drives, guarding the ball, getting chest stops, keeping the ball out of the paint, attacking closeouts and driving into the paint under control. I got this drill from my high school coach, Jay Blossom. See More

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Basketball Play - 2v2 Full Court Get Back

2v2 Full Court Get Back

Drew Hanlen 11/01/2013

Live 2v2 in the half-court. The Black Team starts by attacking the Red Team. As soon as the Black Team scores or gets stopped, one member from the Red Team has to take the ball out of bounds and inbounds to the coach at the top of the key, while the Black Team players that just played offense have to sprint back on defense. As soon as the coach at the top of the key receives the inbounds pass, he will pass to the coach on the opposite side of the court. Once the second coach receives the ball, he will hit either of the new players from the Red Team (3 or 4) and it will be live 2v2 against the Black Team players that sprinted back on defense. Offense to Defense. Defense to Inbound Passer. Inbound Passer and other Teammate to back of your team lines. Black Team vs Red Team. Keep track of points scored for six minutes. Loser has punishment for every point they lose by (sprints, defensive slides, closeouts, push ups, etc) Rules on Offense: Three dribbles MAX and one pass per possession. See More

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Basketball Play - 8-2


Daniel Murphy 10/19/2013

Use whatever defensive principles and offensive principles you teach. The defense can trap or play straight up. On a change of possession the offense goes to the last zone and each defensive team moves forward a zone with the first defensive team becoming to the new offense. Run this drill for 4-8 minutes and keep score. See More

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Basketball Play - New Jersey Nets Transition

New Jersey Nets Transition

Daniel Murphy 10/18/2013

One of my favorite transition drills. Got this from Coach Bob Hurley Sr. who I believe got it from the NJ Nets-hence the name NJ nets transition. I like to use of shot clock to keep the offense aggressive. 6-7 seconds for the first trip and add a second or two each time so when it's 5-4 there are around 12 seconds to attack. If you really need to condition a player always have them shoot the FT or start on the court as defense. Keep score however you would like. 2's and 3's or points for O and D boards. Run for 6-8 minutes or 15 if you really need to condition. See More

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Basketball Play - Back Tip & Convert

Back Tip & Convert

Kevin Bruinsma 06/28/2013

This is a defensive drill that during my three years at Cleveland State we did a multiple times a week. It incorporates a lot of things and teaches/practices fundamentals while letting the guys get after it and be competetive. The back tip and convert drill allows you to learn how to back tip the ball properly and then transition immediatly into offense so you work on your 2 on 1 breaks. The key to this drill is the back tipper needs to sprint, and tip the ball up with his inside hand. Don't reach, just run the floor and tip the ball. A really great defense to offense drill while teaching a unique skill. See More

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Basketball Play - 1-on-1 Closeout Drill

1-on-1 Closeout Drill

Kyle Gilreath 05/16/2013

During today's NBA Draft Combine on ESPNU, the Small Forwards were put through this excellent 1-on-1 Closeout Drills to test the players' offensive and defensive skills in isolation situations. I love this drill because it puts the players in a realistic situation closing out from help defense to a 1-on-1 situation. See More

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