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Basketball Play - Continuous Loops (2v2)

Continuous Loops (2v2)

Randy Sherman 11/16/2016

QUAD Offense breakdown drills In 2v2 Continuous Loops the objective is to teach the driving player and the wing a few basic concepts of the QUAD Offense. "Chest Help" "Shoulder Help" "Fill Behind Drives" "Rugby Toss" "Enlarger the Defense" These concepts come from Canada Basketball and Italian Coach Mario DeSisti QUAD Offense Playbook.... See More

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Basketball Play - 4v2 - Horizontal Passes

4v2 - Horizontal Passes

Randy Sherman 10/11/2016

QUAD Offense Breakdown Drill 4v2 Horizontal Passing Horizontal pass = basket cut The defended players are live and can attack double gaps, receive passes on basket cuts and relay passes, attack when they are the dynamic player and have an advantage In the final two frames the defended players are live and can make chest and shoulder help reads. QUAD Offense Playbook... For more info on advantage based offense.... See More

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Basketball Play - KU Break

KU Break

Joel Hueser 10/04/2016

Picked this drill up years ago from Coach Roy Williams when he was at Kansas. We love the attention to detail it demands from our players. For example, all four of our fundamental passes are repped: 1) chest pass 2) bounce pass 3) overhead or scoop pass, and 4) baseball pass. KU Break also teaches proper fastbreak spacing, crack-back positioning, outlet and communication. See More

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Basketball Play - Creighton 100

Creighton 100

Joel Hueser 09/27/2016

Creighton 100 is a great team shooting drill that also doubles as a fun, challenging conditioner. 100 made baskets in five minutes is the minimum. Obviously, the more skilled your team is the higher the goal should be. More times than not our goal is 120 mfg's for our varsity team. Teams will discover the importance of precision passing, fundamental layup skills and positive energy. We really like to finish with this competition the day before a game. See More

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Basketball Play - Circle Shooting

Circle Shooting

Joel Hueser 09/19/2016

Circle Shooting is a very popular shooting drill, and for good reason. The drill is fundamentally sound and very efficient. You do not need a lot of space and players tend to get a high volume of shots up in minimal time. Our primary objective besides good passing and shooting is that of footwork. We teach the inside pivot so this action is perfect for such conditioning. See More

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Basketball Play - Continuous Blast-Cuts

Continuous Blast-Cuts

Joel Hueser 09/13/2016

A good motion offense is hard to guard; all the while maintains good floor balance and spacing. This is done by cutting and replacing. Continuous blast cuts is a two line shooting drill that teaches just that. Our primary motion cut after passing off the top is toward the basket (aka basket cut). When that happens it is important to fill the open spot from the weakside with a blast cut. In doing so we like to emphasize the following: 2 Step Rule - Take your defender two steps toward the basker before blasting to the top. Recruit the Glute - Blast off of your baseline foot. Change of Speed - We like to say go in slow and come out fast. Outside Hand - Provide and pass to the outside hand away from the defense. Inside Pivot - We teach the inside pivot. On the catch, square up to the basket and look RPA (rim, post, action). This drill progresses through four phases: Catch & Shoot Shot Fake Blow-by Foot Fake Crossover Back-cut This is a great team shooting drill to incorporate at all levels: elementary ages to professional! See More

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Basketball Play - 4 Corner Shooting (WPD)

4 Corner Shooting (WPD)

Joel Hueser 09/06/2016

Motion offense is one of our program pillars. 4 Corner Shooting (WPD) is one of our favorite motion team shooting drills. This drill is not only a good shooting drill, but it also incorporates game-like passing and cutting fundamentals. 4 Corner Shooting (WPD) works best with 8 players and 4 basketballs. We concentrate on four different cuts, but additional cuts could easily be added. Our motion principles emphasize wide pin down screens. From this action, 4 cuts may happen based on how the defense guards the action. 1. Straight Cut – More times than not this is the cut made coming off of a wide pin down screen. There is usually just enough time to catch and shoot. We teach and emphasize the inside-pivot, but still have a few athletes who are more comfortable hopping into their shot. 2. Curl – When the defender chases the 1st cutter over the screen, it is important to curl (or as we say, tight curl) into the paint and attack the basket. 3. Flare – When the defender goes under the screen, the screener is taught to reposition his screening angle and the 1st cutter flares to the open spot. 4. Reject – Also, very aggressive teams will try to blow up your screen and beat the 1st cutter to the spot. At this point, we are teaching a back cut. Another important teaching point is that of the second cutter. We like to say, “Finish your cuts!” One example of this is for the 2nd cutter (screener) to read the 1st cutter and go opposite in direction. The drill sequence is as follows: 1) pass first 2) screen second 3) shoot third 4) rebound last 5) change lines. Our team goal is always 15 or more mfg’s for every minute. We will either go for 8 minutes or 4 minutes; depending on our time allotted. To date our best ever is 135 mfg’s in 8 minutes. Again, 120 mfg’s is a very realistic goal for high school players. See More

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Basketball Play - UNO Shooting Drill

UNO Shooting Drill

Joel Hueser 09/06/2016

We are big fans of a UNO shooting drill Coach Derrin Hansen (@DerrinHansen) shared with us almost ten years ago. Throughout the course of the summer and fall many of our players will do this drill 2-3 times a week if not more. When it's all said and done, each player will have made 100 field goals. The workout can be finished in 20-25 minutes depending on age, skill level and intensity. We like the variety of game-like conditions presented in this workout: shooting, passing and rebounding. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 ON 3 SERIES PART TWO


Marc Skelton 07/16/2016

The premise of this drill is to mimic quick action in early offense. This will improve your screening, how your guys/girls catch and shoot and read the defense. On the flip side your defense will be able to not let cutters cut without being bumped and improve communication. We play a game to seven. There are three options to this drill outlined below. Drill #1 is a UCLA cut. Drill #2 works on the Ghost Screen and drill #3 has a backdoor option. See More

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