Hit Ahead Layups - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a good early season conditioning drill to help with passing and finishing with speed

  • Basketball Play - Hit Ahead Layups
  • Basketball Play - Hit Ahead Layups
  • Players line up as shown at free throw line extended - out of bounds


    Player 1 starts the drill as Player 2 sprints up the floor. Player 1 gets 1 dribble and must deliver a pass on time and on target so 2 can lay the ball up without dribbling.


    1 must sprint after the pass and rebound the ball

  • Original 1 gets the rebound


    As they are getting rebound, next person in 1 line circles for an outlet pass

    As the outlet pass is happening, next in 2 line is sprinting wide up court


    1 gets 1 dribble and must hit 2 on time and on target for layup. 1 must sprint to rebound the ball.


    The pattern for the drill continues


    Can change sides at any time or put a person on defense in middle of court forcing the offense to throw it high and over the head of the defender


    Rotation: after 2 takes layup they go to line 1. Once 1 makes the outlet pass, they fill line 2