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Basketball Play - Yao


Coach Czes 09/28/2012

1 passes to 4 and cuts to high post 4 dribbles right and passes to 2 on wing. 1 sets UCLA screen for 4 who sets up screen for 5. 2 hits 1 shaping up as 5 curls around 4's screen. 1 hits 5 who can score or kick out to 3 for the shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Handoff Comeback

Handoff Comeback

Coach Czes 09/25/2012

3 starts to cut back door, then comes back to high post. 1 hits 3 while 4 replaces 3, then cuts off of 3 looking for a handoff. 3 kicks out to 2 on the wing who looks for 5 in the post. 1 turns around and comes back to screen for 3, who comes off that screen to lane screen for 5. 2 passes to 1 shaping up in high post and looks for 5 on the other side of 3's screen. 4 spaces to corner. 2 then flare screens for 3 while 5 back screens for 4. 1 can hit 3 or 4 for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - SLOB - Ballscreen into Post Touch

SLOB - Ballscreen into Post Touch

Luke Riegel 09/20/2012

This sideline out of bounds set is something that we like to run because it provides an opporunity for our best penetrator and ball-handler to attack off the bounce to an open side. Having a 4 man that can shoot it from the perimeter helps stretch the defense and opens up the lane for 5 to duck-in at the rim. We've used the stagger screen as false-movement to occupy the defense, but it could also be a beneficial scoring option. See More

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