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Basketball Play - Playbook: Top 25 Plays of 2018

Playbook: Top 25 Plays of 2018

FastModel Sports 11/18/2018

The most downloaded plays of the year, conveniently put together in one playbook, just for you. Download to FastDraw using the button above, or grab the PDF here. Check out this blog post for more details on the individual plays! Shout out to #TeamFastModel for its contributions in making this playbook and the PlayBank an amazing resource for basketball coaches! Thanks for your support in 2018! See More

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Basketball Play - Communication Drill: 3v3 Flex Screen Defense

Communication Drill: 3v3 Flex Screen Defense

Matt Wheeler 11/01/2018

This continuous 3v3 drill teaches the defense to defend the flex action using different roles with different communication responsibilities. The drill will will be repeated three times so each defensive player has an opportunity to practice each part. 3 calls the screen and provides help. 2 goes over the cross screen on the baseline and communicates when matched back up. 1 communicates the down screen and opens up to allow 3 to get through the screen. 3 informs 1 when he is through the screen and matched up. On the FMS blog: Building Communication With Your Team Building Communication on Defense Building Communication on Offense See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets - Motion Corner 3

Houston Rockets - Motion Corner 3

Matt Barnthouse 10/31/2018

The Houston Rockets use an interesting lineup for this play. All five of the players in this set are in the 6'5-6-8" range, which allows for versatility when moving the ball around. This play may look complex from all of the movement, but in reality, the Rockets just follow the principles of moving the ball, and moving off-ball to where there is space. All five players are involved in some capacity, so it requires mental focus of the entire team. PJ Tucker (5) does a nice job passing into a screen, which allows Michael Carter-Williams to get around, draw 3 defenders, and find an open Gary Clark in the corner. This is also a good play to run if you wish to save a player's energy, because the 2 does not have to move much at all on this play outside of a pass in the beginning. See More

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Basketball Play - 2 Baseline Flare

2 Baseline Flare

Matt Barnthouse 06/07/2018

If there is one thing coach Andy Kennedy loves in his offense, it is off ball screens that set up corner threes. His Ole Miss teams made a living off of this play. In my four years with the Ole Miss Rebels, I got to see sharpshooters like Marshall Henderson and Stefan Moody run this play to perfection, helping them reach All-SEC nods. There are a lot of moving parts here. It starts off with a dribble handoff to the 3, while the 2 makes a cut to the paint on the weakside. Once in the paint, the 2 sets a screen for the one, and then makes a cut underneath the defender of the 4, forcing his man to either chase him or go over. If he goes over, the defender is ready to run straight into a flare screen by the 4. What makes this play work is that it bunches up the defense and forces them to make a lot of decisions. Sure, the defenders can switch, but that leaves a mismatch with a 2 having to defend a 4. The 2 defender could cheat on the initial cut around the 5, but then that allows the 2 to make reverse his cut to the corner, where the 3 can hit him on the weakside for a 3. If all else fails, the 1 comes around ready to reset the offense at the end of all of the actions. This is something that when ran well, can be nearly impossible to stop. The only concern is that some players may have difficulties going straight from a cut to catch and shoot (almost a 180), so athleticism helps. See More

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Basketball Play - Washington Wizards - Motion Strong Flex

Washington Wizards - Motion Strong Flex

Cooper Smither 04/16/2018

The Washington Wizards have incorporated both Motion Weak and Strong sets into their playbook to reduce the monotony of a guard-oriented, pick and roll heavy offensive attack. Scott Brooks will use this action for Motion Weak as well (ball reversal with shallow cut from guard to weak side). The Wizards are not strict as to what option they will go to out of this set, as they will take what the defense gives them throughout the Motion Flex sequence. See More

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Basketball Play - St. Bonaventure - Elbow Flex Pindown

St. Bonaventure - Elbow Flex Pindown

Matt Wheeler 03/14/2018

St. Bonaventure ran this multiple action play to get a game tying dunk in the first half of their NCAA Tournament game against UCLA. The Bonnies started in an Elbow set and ran a flex action getting 1 the ball back up top. This isolated the left side of the floor for 4 to set the pindown screen for 2. Once 2 received the pass from 1, 4 slipped the screen and cut to the basket. 2 found him for a wide open dunk.. See More

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