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Basketball Play - BLOB - Diagonal Screen Flare Screen

BLOB - Diagonal Screen Flare Screen

Basketball HQ 11/04/2012

This basketball out of bounds play is going to be run out of the box set. That means that you are going to have a player on each block and each elbow. To make this basketball play work you have to set a good diagonal screen. That way the defense either has to help on the screen and give up a shot on the flare screen or give up a layup. The player passing the ball in should look for the player coming off the diagonal screen, then the shooter off the flare screen, and then the big man opening up after he sets the flare screen. Must set good screens for this play to work. This play is from the 2011-2012 Gadsden State season See More

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Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies - Hammer

Memphis Grizzlies - Hammer

Justin Lewis 03/28/2024

The Memphis Grizzlies opened their 3/27 contest against the Lakers with this set. While Bane did not take the shot in the corner, this action created an early look at a three for their best shooter. The empty corner drive for the point guard plus the cut out of the corner by the wing makes the defense think about help on the very first possession of the game. See More

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Basketball Play - Alabama Crimson Tide - Zipper Flare Step Up

Alabama Crimson Tide - Zipper Flare Step Up

Rory Hamilton 03/16/2024

Play initiated with a dribble entry and zipper screen for the 2 to catch ball at the top of the key. On 2's catch, 5 sets pindown screen for the 3 while the 1 exits through to the strong side corner. On 3's catch, the 4 sets a flare screen for the 2 for a 3pt FG opportunity. If defense switches, 4 slips to the rim for potential lay-up. If the 2 doesn't have the shot, 4 sets a step-up screen and 2 drives baseline looking for the 4 man lob at the rim or the drift pass in the corner. The 3 follows to the wing as a safety in no options develop. See More

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