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Basketball Play - Manhattan Jaspers 1-4 High Options

Manhattan Jaspers 1-4 High Options

Wes Kosel 03/18/2015

Although Manhattan is already out, head coach Steve Masiello had the Jaspers running some quality actions. In these 1-4 High Options, both plays start with the same guard loop action. If your team has good stretch forwards, these plays will get your 4 and 5 the ball at the elbow or perimeter in position to shoot or pass to the open shooter. Option 1: If the back-screen isn't open (3 cutting off of a screen from 4), 5 passes to 1 on the wing. 3 then cuts through the elevator screen from 4 and 5 for a shot. Option 2: In the second option, 5 passes to 4 instead of 1 flaring to the wing. Once 4 has the ball, the Jaspers run a flex action with 3 screening for 2 and 5 screening down for 3. See More

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Basketball Play - UNI Modified Flex

UNI Modified Flex

Andrew Greer 03/01/2015

Northern Iowa ran this set early in the game against Wichita State on 2/28/15. There are two ways to look at this play: 1. A quick hitter with 3 options. 2. A modified entry into the flex offense. *If all 3 options are covered you can see that if the 5 moves to the corner the set ends up in an easy transition to a continuous flex offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Flex & Flare (Double Away)

Flex & Flare (Double Away)

Randy Sherman 02/26/2015

A way to get more double screens and flare screens into a flex-style continuity offense. Passes trigger actions by following these rules: Rule: Any pass from high elbow to wing triggers a double screen away! Rule: Any pass from wing to high elbow triggers a weakside flare screen! Rule: Any high elbow to high elbow pass triggers the flex & flare action! ANYTIME you set a backscreen for a flex cutter, you immediately arc wide and flare screen for the high elbow See More

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Basketball Play - Flex Push

Flex Push

Randy Brown 05/16/2014

This action comes from the Flex set. Ball is reversed to 5 on initial pass. 3 cuts at 4, then pushed him across the lane and takes down screen from 1. Ball thrown back to 3 on right side and 2 cuts off 4 for lay up. See More

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