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Basketball Play - Cross Screen to Back Screen

Cross Screen to Back Screen

John Leonzo 07/28/2016

5 sets a cross screen for 2. If 2 is open on their cut, 4 will give them the ball. If 2 is not able to get the ball on their cut, they need to continue their cut by either spacing to the three-point line or by setting a back screen for 4. 4 will need to reverse the ball to 1 in order to be eligible for the back screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke Horns Cross Screen

Duke Horns Cross Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 04/22/2015

In the first Final Four game between Michigan State and Duke the Blue Devils ran this set successfully four straight times for baskets. The action was very simple as the horns set had a big cross screen right into a ball screen. Michigan State couldn’t guard this set in the first half and it led to Duke building a lead they would never lose. See More

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Basketball Play - Post Flash with Cross Screen

Post Flash with Cross Screen

Basketball HQ 09/03/2014

This play depends on timing and a good cross screen. If it is a smaller guard coming off of the cross screen they need to finish the layup quickly or shot fake because the help side is going to be coming for the block. This post flash cross screen basketball play is a great play to get a shot right at the basket. If you have missed a couple of long shots and are struggling to score this is a good play to run. If you are running the cross screen for a wing then they need to either finish quickly or shot fake and draw the foul. Big men will be able to take their time on the finish. This play is from the 2005-2006 Duke season. See More

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