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Basketball Play - 1 Reverse (4)

1 Reverse (4)

Kyle Brown 10/01/2012

This set is great action for your 4 man if he can hit the pick & pop jumper. This also allows your PG to come off of 2 ball screens and create. Depending on the type of players you have, you could switch the 4 & the 5. Doing this would allow for a roll & replace action off the 2nd ballscreen. See More

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Basketball Play - POTD: Low 5

POTD: Low 5

FastModel Sports 08/15/2012

Today's FastDraw Play of the Day is Part 5 of a 5-part baseline out of bounds series called 'Low' that keys on a different player in each part. Use this series to give a similar look with different options based on who you want to get the ball to. See More

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