Low Series - Basic - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is the 'Basic' set in our 1-4 Low Baseline Out of Bounds Series. 'Basic' is the main action we run from this set. In this series, 5 always lines up in front of the inbounder with 3 in the ball side corner.

  • Basketball Play - Low Series - Basic
  • Basketball Play - Low Series - Basic
  • 1 throws over the top to 5 near the elbow. 1 must practice throwing this lob pass and reading how the defense is playing it. If 5's defender or 1's defender are baiting thepass, 1 must look for one of the counter actions.

  • 1 steps in to screen for 3 who goes baseline side of the screen as 1 tries to pin and seal.  4 steps up the arc and sets up a flare screen for 2. 5 hits the open player.


    *1 is open for a 3-pointer on the shape up a majority of the time.