Rosenthal: Pinch Action - FastModel Sports

Published 07/13/2012 by Brandon Rosenthal Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Here is a great play to get a quick shot or spread the floor for a 2 man game.

  • Basketball Play - Rosenthal: Pinch Action
  • Basketball Play - Rosenthal: Pinch Action
  • (1) dribbles the opposite guard out who clears weak side. (1) passes to (5).

  • (1) sprints ball side to screen for (3). (3) reads the defense and cuts through the rim to the opposite side of the floor. (3) can also curl (1) and cut back door or recieve a DHO from (5). (4) screens at the elbow for (3). If (3) can't receive the ball from (5) on either screen (1) and (5) play a two man game on the wing while (2), (3), & (4), fan out for good spacing on the floor.