Utah Jazz - Curl Flare SLOB - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The Utah Jazz were able to get off a clean look at a 3 point shot with an opportunity to tie the game with 2.4 seconds left. The Jazz were able to get to the primary option for Collin Sexton (2) for a shot in the corner. This play also offers two more options to get a look at a 3. Jordan Clarkson (1) cuts off the flare screen from Lauri Markkanen (4) who will then cut back to the ball for a third option.

Video clip below.

  • Basketball Play - Utah Jazz - Curl Flare SLOB

1 curls around 5 as 4 cuts from the corner off of 5.

4 sets a flare screen for 2 then cuts back to the ball.